Our latest zine victim was Sarah Maddox. She is a resilient, punky brighton-ite and a get messy original. It was decided she would be getting a zine all about her kick ass spirit - and it was awesome. 

- Front Cover by Katie

Haters Gonna Hate
- collage & pen

I wanted to use this beer label in something and thought this zine would be the perfect opportunity! When you have a strong spirit you know how to rise above any negativity. This is a little reminder of that and also - the colours <3 <3 they work perfectly with Sharon's collage on the right - I also added some yellow paint to her page to tie the spread together. 

- felt tips

These black SPIRIT stickers were already on the page so I doodled around them like a pro. I wanted to use clashing colours to the red page (Sharon?) on the right to create an interesting juxtaposition.

- collage, ink, salt, bleach & pen

My double spread! The donkey is Sarah Maddox's spirit animal and obviously features heavily in her spirit zine. I created the middle space type pattern by using ink, bleach and salt. i love this technique but the salt is hard to remove -  so sorry Sarah if it was still a little salty on it's arrival! 
The quote around the edges reads:

"Never apologise for burning too brightly or collapsing into yourself at night, that is how galaxies are made"

A Bird
- collage & ink

Last year I received some Instagram happy mail from Esther and the envelope was covered in cool stamps - this bird one included. I had been saving it for something special and this zine was it. 

The collaborators for this zine were:
Sharon,, Katie, Vanessa & Myself 

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  1. Salty galaxies are the BEST and that quote is one I love. <3 Your pages rock and I love how you added that bit of yellow to Sharon's page!