A zine for the girl boss supreme, Torrie

Torrie is an all round modern super hero. She is a young mother of two girls, a ridiculously talented artist and is running her own business. She is an absolute inspiration to me and a person who I can safely call a friend - even though we live in different continents and have never met. Oh internet, you weird and wonderful thing. 

Front cover by Lauren Pearl

He for She
- collage & pen

Any followers of my social media will know that I am a total feminist so this zine subject filled me with amazing pride and power! I have left this right hand side half finished, eagerly waiting to see who will expand on it. The left hand page is about the recent comments given to Russian astronauts as they were about to embark on a long mission into space. The astronauts in question were female and asked such questions as "how will you survive in space without make up?"

Come on, it's 2016

Ovaries before Brovaries
- watercolour & marker pen

I had about 5492300 other quotes I wanted to squeeze into this zine (all mainly from Lesley Knope) but I restricted myself to this one page. Mine is on the left and Laurens on the right. I thought that her sisters before misters perfectly echoed the sentiments I knew I wanted in this zine (before it even arrived) so this was the first page I created, quickly and enthusiastically!

Strong Women
- watercolour, felt tips & marker pen

I adore this quote and I wanted to create something for Torrie that acknowledged her being a mom to two young girls. They're going to grow up to be fierce like their momma <3

Every Girl
- collage

These were just odds and ends that I had recieved from an instagram swap that needed to live in this zine! 

The collaborators for this zine were:
Lauren, Lucia, Katie, Vanessa & Myself

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  1. I can admit to *almoooost* adding something to your astronaut page, but then I decided it was pretty fabulous just the way it was and didn't want to mess it up. ;)

  2. Loved being part of this zine and expressing my riot grrl roots! <3