I've gone off on a bit of a tangent this week... 
I was at a loose end with what to make so I decided to look through our pooled resources that we keep on the Get Messy Facebook and came across this flickr library of flowers. I especially loved the vintage themed images and felt I could create some cool digital collages with them.

- ink & Photoshop

A combination of an ink splattered page and a postcard from flickr. I love the clash of old and new, dull and bright, monochrome and colour. 

Secret garden
- oil pastel, watercolours & Photoshop

I layered up two of the flickr images and two of my art journal pages. One was bright oil pastel stripes and another, watercolours of flowers. These all layered up together create a secret garden, jungle type feeling and I really love it! 

- ink, stamps & Photoshop

I think the woman in this image looks as if she is waiting for a storm to pass so I layered her over a couple of appropriate images. I liked the idea of her being stuck in a stormy Gotham City, out of her comfort, era and depth. 

Vintage Memories
- ink, acrylic & Photoshop

A very simple image to end on. This is just two images layered, with the opacity turned down on the photograph to look as if it is fading. To me it looks like a memory or a damaged negative film - definitely beautiful. 


  1. Mucha is one of my favorite artists and these re-interpretations of his work are stunning especially Secret Garden.

  2. These are gorgeous Jules! I love how colorful those first two are. They remind me of Spring.

    1. Spring? Is that something to do with sunshine and warmth? I have vague memories... ;) xo

  3. I love the ink splatters and bright colours !