I am holding myself accountable this year to creating something for get messy every week even when we have weeks of, like we do now. We recently finished up the season of magic but I loved it so much, I'm kinda keeping it alive in my journalling. 

 Like Home
- collage, stencil & pen

This is a response to travelling around during the holidays and visiting loads of different people. I am coming around to the idea that home isn't a destination or a place, but people. 

 The Moon 
- collage, photoshop & pen

From my favourite festive film - It's a wonderful life <3

Love Yourself
- collage, watercolour & photoshop

Kermit knows best.  He is also a festive figure in my life because The Muppet Christmas Carol is my ultimate guilty pleasure! 

The Woods
- collage, stamps, pen & watercolour  

Again, this was inspired by a festive film! I love the Wizard of Oz (I really want to dedicate a page to the wicked witch as well because she scares me shitless).This page was actually a response to an instagram challenge posted by Tanyalee. During the holidays get messys official instagram has been enjoying a community takeover and during Tanyalee's time as controller, she posted this challenge which I strongly recommend; especially if you're in a bit of an art funk like I was! 

- collage, stamps, pen & watercolour  

My favourite page I've made in a long time. I think I was definetly inspired by the collage queen Essie <3 The patterned images are print outs from my trip last year to Lisbon and I like the symbollism of the girl (Ashley Olson, from Elle 2012 if you were interested) shaking out her past and negativity. Fits in nicely to a new year and a fresh beginning. 

See you next Thursday! 



  1. Ha! Wizard of Oz and Its a wonderful life two of my all time favorites. And yes the witch is scary. I will be creating 52 weeks of Art journal pages also. Cool!

  2. that first page about 'togetherness' is amazing. So true, I have never thought of it that way, but i clearly should as I am always elsewhere.