I've started a new project! Color Chaos is a collaborative project between me and six other art journallers (tagged at the bottom of this post). We all have one journal and one colour each. We send to each other our journals in sequence; complete pages using only said colour and send on. Each journal will be returned to it's original owner after everyone has had a turn and we will have our own little art collection! 

My colour is black. Black as night, black as pitch, blacker than the foulest witch. Or my soul. Same difference. I decided that I wanted my black journal to be a dedication to all things creepy and kooky. I started off with making the front cover (shout out to Vanessa for the kick ass Buffy quote) and also with a little postcard explaining how many pages each participant got in the journal. It's a baby moelskine so we all have 9 pages each to fill. 

- collage & pen

I absolutley LOVE this page. I think it's my favourite out of all my black pages. Based on the Hitchcock film, all my collaged birds come from a vintage book apart from the crow which is a photo I took in Lisbon last year. 

Black Doodle
- collage & sharpie

I love to do doodles like this and a real challenge for me here was to keep it exclusively black. I like how you have to really look to see whats original and whats been added by me and my sharpie. 

Colorful Mind
- stamps & ink 

This quote is everything. I lost some of the letters in my typewriter stamp set but actually really enjoy the mix of two. 

- collage, ink & sharpie

I knew I wanted to use this image of the two nurses and I think I have made them sufficiently creepy! I wanted the page to be about altered "home" after war. 

Wake Up
- collage, felt tip & water

I love this quote. It's so apathetic. 

Some images left to be finished off by my collaborators on this project