This is the last get messy week before our seasons start again. I've had a bit of a full on week - lots to do , lots of emotion and lots of reflection. I think this comes across in the pages I have made and I am happy to created them because they really do help me deal with inner feelings. I am the kind of person who will bottle up and bury feelings that I don't like, easy to do but ultimately damaging. Art journalling has helped me to deal with these negative emotions because I find that seeing them down on paper somehow releases them from me. 

The Art
- marbling & photoshop

This quote is perfect for summing up some of my emotions currently. I created two because they were pouring out of me and I liked to see the quote. 
It is simple but powerful. 

- collage, acrylic & photoshop

I do find words a struggle so something like this abstract page speaks volumes to me, although it is lacking in text. It is about time, effort and the layers of armour you put around yourself for protection. I scratched away at this on the left hand side to reveal the inner softness. 

- collage, acrylic & photoshop

I'm at the age where everyone around me is getting married and having babies. I am a strong believer that everyone is on their own path but I can't help but feel judged sometimes for my choices. I am a non traditional type of person and will always do things my own way - sometimes this isn't what others want from you and that can be hard to deal with. I feel social pressures but I refuse to bow down to them. 

Her Own
- collage, sharpie & ink

One of my favourite quotes. This makes me feel strong when I'm not, if you know what I mean? 


I've started a new project! Color Chaos is a collaborative project between me and six other art journallers (tagged at the bottom of this post). We all have one journal and one colour each. We send to each other our journals in sequence; complete pages using only said colour and send on. Each journal will be returned to it's original owner after everyone has had a turn and we will have our own little art collection! 

My colour is black. Black as night, black as pitch, blacker than the foulest witch. Or my soul. Same difference. I decided that I wanted my black journal to be a dedication to all things creepy and kooky. I started off with making the front cover (shout out to Vanessa for the kick ass Buffy quote) and also with a little postcard explaining how many pages each participant got in the journal. It's a baby moelskine so we all have 9 pages each to fill. 

- collage & pen

I absolutley LOVE this page. I think it's my favourite out of all my black pages. Based on the Hitchcock film, all my collaged birds come from a vintage book apart from the crow which is a photo I took in Lisbon last year. 

Black Doodle
- collage & sharpie

I love to do doodles like this and a real challenge for me here was to keep it exclusively black. I like how you have to really look to see whats original and whats been added by me and my sharpie. 

Colorful Mind
- stamps & ink 

This quote is everything. I lost some of the letters in my typewriter stamp set but actually really enjoy the mix of two. 

- collage, ink & sharpie

I knew I wanted to use this image of the two nurses and I think I have made them sufficiently creepy! I wanted the page to be about altered "home" after war. 

Wake Up
- collage, felt tip & water

I love this quote. It's so apathetic. 

Some images left to be finished off by my collaborators on this project



A zine for the girl boss supreme, Torrie

Torrie is an all round modern super hero. She is a young mother of two girls, a ridiculously talented artist and is running her own business. She is an absolute inspiration to me and a person who I can safely call a friend - even though we live in different continents and have never met. Oh internet, you weird and wonderful thing. 

Front cover by Lauren Pearl

He for She
- collage & pen

Any followers of my social media will know that I am a total feminist so this zine subject filled me with amazing pride and power! I have left this right hand side half finished, eagerly waiting to see who will expand on it. The left hand page is about the recent comments given to Russian astronauts as they were about to embark on a long mission into space. The astronauts in question were female and asked such questions as "how will you survive in space without make up?"

Come on, it's 2016

Ovaries before Brovaries
- watercolour & marker pen

I had about 5492300 other quotes I wanted to squeeze into this zine (all mainly from Lesley Knope) but I restricted myself to this one page. Mine is on the left and Laurens on the right. I thought that her sisters before misters perfectly echoed the sentiments I knew I wanted in this zine (before it even arrived) so this was the first page I created, quickly and enthusiastically!

Strong Women
- watercolour, felt tips & marker pen

I adore this quote and I wanted to create something for Torrie that acknowledged her being a mom to two young girls. They're going to grow up to be fierce like their momma <3

Every Girl
- collage

These were just odds and ends that I had recieved from an instagram swap that needed to live in this zine! 

The collaborators for this zine were:
Lauren, Lucia, Katie, Vanessa & Myself

To see all of our zine pages, sneak peaks and process shots, follow @zinesquad on instagram! 


This week I watched Montage of Heck. To say I was inspired is a massive understatement! If you haven't watched this film (documentary) I 100% recommend it. It is about Kurt Cobain and uses extracts from his journals and diaries as cartoons to illustrate each phase of his life. It reminded me a lot of a book I have by Courtney Love - Dirty Blonde - which is created in a similar style. I love the free flowing movements and unplanned rawness of this journalling style and also the intensity of emotion from each page. I scribbled quotes and drawings in my art journal as I watched the film and for the pages below I have used Photoshop to manipulate and layer them with images from Dirty Blonde. 

Welcome to my grunge phase. 

Acne Superstar
- sharpies, felt tips & photoshop

The quote here is a love letter from Courtney to Kurt. I paired it with sugary sweet pink pastel tear drops and images from Dirty Blonde in grey underneath.

- collage, sharpies, felt tips & photoshop

This mish mash page I wanted to look cuter and more innocent than the actual quote. It comes from Kurts diary and was written just after he married Courtney. Whatever your opinions on these two are, you can feel and sense the extreme adoration they had for one another from these journals and notes. It's like teenage love, angst and rebellion all rolled into one x10000 because of the drugs they were on. 

- collage, sharpies, felt tips & photoshop 

Fragments of life all over one another with you at the very centre. 

- collage & photoshop

I found this quote in a local music store zine I picked up in Leeds. I felt it very poignant considering the death of David Bowie last week and then my watching of Montage of Heck. There is so much music that is fun and superficial but the real art is music about life, love, the world we live in. 

- collage, sharpies, felt tips & photoshop

One of the things I found most interesting about watching Montage of Heck, was the relationship other women and fans of Nirvana had towards Courtney. I feel like nowadays feminism and loving your fellow woman is very cool and on trend but maybe not so much in the 90's? It seemed that she got so much hate from people for just being with Kurt and being herself. For being THAT GIRL.

- collage, sharpies, & photoshop

You could see so horrifically how drug use sucked the life from such a beautiful person in this film. The lure and the addiction seemed to of been to big for Kurt to handle, like the only colour in a dying sepia world. 

- sharpies & photoshop

I based this drawing from a journal page of Kurt's shown in the film. The writing around the heart reads "goes without saying, nothings gonna save me". 

Heart Shaped Box
- acrylic, sharpies & photoshop

I wrote out quotes from the spiraling end of the film in a frantic and messy manner to try and capture the quickening deterioration of Kurt Cobain. I then layered this over an abstract acrylic page in Photoshop to give it more depth. I think it's one of my favourites from this mini grunge series. 

I think I still have some grunge journalling left in me so stay tuned! 


I've gone off on a bit of a tangent this week... 
I was at a loose end with what to make so I decided to look through our pooled resources that we keep on the Get Messy Facebook and came across this flickr library of flowers. I especially loved the vintage themed images and felt I could create some cool digital collages with them.

- ink & Photoshop

A combination of an ink splattered page and a postcard from flickr. I love the clash of old and new, dull and bright, monochrome and colour. 

Secret garden
- oil pastel, watercolours & Photoshop

I layered up two of the flickr images and two of my art journal pages. One was bright oil pastel stripes and another, watercolours of flowers. These all layered up together create a secret garden, jungle type feeling and I really love it! 

- ink, stamps & Photoshop

I think the woman in this image looks as if she is waiting for a storm to pass so I layered her over a couple of appropriate images. I liked the idea of her being stuck in a stormy Gotham City, out of her comfort, era and depth. 

Vintage Memories
- ink, acrylic & Photoshop

A very simple image to end on. This is just two images layered, with the opacity turned down on the photograph to look as if it is fading. To me it looks like a memory or a damaged negative film - definitely beautiful. 


Our latest zine victim was Sarah Maddox. She is a resilient, punky brighton-ite and a get messy original. It was decided she would be getting a zine all about her kick ass spirit - and it was awesome. 

- Front Cover by Katie

Haters Gonna Hate
- collage & pen

I wanted to use this beer label in something and thought this zine would be the perfect opportunity! When you have a strong spirit you know how to rise above any negativity. This is a little reminder of that and also - the colours <3 <3 they work perfectly with Sharon's collage on the right - I also added some yellow paint to her page to tie the spread together. 

- felt tips

These black SPIRIT stickers were already on the page so I doodled around them like a pro. I wanted to use clashing colours to the red page (Sharon?) on the right to create an interesting juxtaposition.

- collage, ink, salt, bleach & pen

My double spread! The donkey is Sarah Maddox's spirit animal and obviously features heavily in her spirit zine. I created the middle space type pattern by using ink, bleach and salt. i love this technique but the salt is hard to remove -  so sorry Sarah if it was still a little salty on it's arrival! 
The quote around the edges reads:

"Never apologise for burning too brightly or collapsing into yourself at night, that is how galaxies are made"

A Bird
- collage & ink

Last year I received some Instagram happy mail from Esther and the envelope was covered in cool stamps - this bird one included. I had been saving it for something special and this zine was it. 

The collaborators for this zine were:
Sharon,, Katie, Vanessa & Myself 

To see all of our zine pages, sneak peaks and process shots, follow @zinesquad on instagram! 


I am holding myself accountable this year to creating something for get messy every week even when we have weeks of, like we do now. We recently finished up the season of magic but I loved it so much, I'm kinda keeping it alive in my journalling. 

 Like Home
- collage, stencil & pen

This is a response to travelling around during the holidays and visiting loads of different people. I am coming around to the idea that home isn't a destination or a place, but people. 

 The Moon 
- collage, photoshop & pen

From my favourite festive film - It's a wonderful life <3

Love Yourself
- collage, watercolour & photoshop

Kermit knows best.  He is also a festive figure in my life because The Muppet Christmas Carol is my ultimate guilty pleasure! 

The Woods
- collage, stamps, pen & watercolour  

Again, this was inspired by a festive film! I love the Wizard of Oz (I really want to dedicate a page to the wicked witch as well because she scares me shitless).This page was actually a response to an instagram challenge posted by Tanyalee. During the holidays get messys official instagram has been enjoying a community takeover and during Tanyalee's time as controller, she posted this challenge which I strongly recommend; especially if you're in a bit of an art funk like I was! 

- collage, stamps, pen & watercolour  

My favourite page I've made in a long time. I think I was definetly inspired by the collage queen Essie <3 The patterned images are print outs from my trip last year to Lisbon and I like the symbollism of the girl (Ashley Olson, from Elle 2012 if you were interested) shaking out her past and negativity. Fits in nicely to a new year and a fresh beginning. 

See you next Thursday!