It's witching week... 

Fortunes Faded
- collage & marker pen

I was inspired by these magazine images because they reminded me of Misty Day from American Horror Story Coven. 
White witches in the deep south of America.. 
A little bit series 1 of True detective too and that whole pagan witchy worship vibe. It lead me down a fortune teller route as well which is why I marked on the lyrics to the chilli peppers song "fortune faded". I really like it as a spread; the layers with bold text are a safe and happy zone for me to be in! 

Major Laser
- collage & acrylic

Inspired by the ever wonderful Essie, these paper collages are so much fun to do! My muse here was myself and the laser type creative vibes I put out into the world - which are purple, obviously. 

Papa Don't Preach
- collage & marker pen

I used collage and quotes from Kiki's delivery service here to try and explain what it's like when you lose your magic. When you feel lost and abandoned by your own creativity. Sometimes it can just seem to vanish around me (although not often, I am happy to say!) When this happens, you remember how easily it once flowed and how impossible it seems to bring it back. In my experience the only thing to do in these situations is to keep at it and eventually, you'll get it back!

- collage, ink & acrylic

Because every witch is ruled by the moon, right?

Witch! Witch!
- collage & acrylic

My absolute favourite page so far. I have always been fascinated and terrified in equal measures by witches, ever since I was small. You have the bad and scary (Wicked Witch of the West, The Witches) versus the good and cool (Sabrina, Practical Magic, Harry Potter) so I was ridiculously excited to make this spread. I wanted to convey the victimization that real women faced over accusations of witchcraft and the effects this then had on them. I also wanted to echo this from our modern society and the way in which the media currently can portray and attack certain individuals. Sometimes reading the news, it's like we have made no evolution since Salem. This is why the quote in the corner means so much to the page. 

" There's nothing I can hear about myself that I haven't already heard" 
Cheryl Fernandez Versini

A Girl and A Cat
- collage & photoshop

Kiki, again.  This is a classic halloweeny style page and was oh-so indulgent to make! The bones over the top of the witch and cat are an old acetate I had from university (I did a project on the four horsemen of the apocalypse and this was used for some screen prints). I always love re-using old pieces like this and the acetate has given some ideas for continuing layered themes in my art journal....

- collage, acrylic & pen

Behave or I'll turn you into a pumpkin. 
If there is one thing I take from all of my witchiness this week, it's that I want this power.


  1. I love the witchery ! Black and purple collage is such a cool combination for magic :)

  2. Oh I love how dark & witchy these all are! And love the use of the acetate - now you've given me some ideas ;)

  3. Jules!! You know I love that there are moons on your pages. :)

  4. So many pages Julia! I love the common link between all of these. Some of my favorites of yours are here ❤️ Super inspored now!

  5. How wonderful to be able to turn anyone you wanted into a pumpkin! Love all the witchiness & your lovely cat.

  6. Oh wow!! I really love all of these. You've inspired me no end. I've been a bit stuck this last couple of weeks but these pages!

    1. Really?! What an amazing comment, thank you <3

  7. Sorry I'm way behind on this- this are amazing! I love it when you go dark and can I just say there is no better witch than Misty Day or as I like to call her the Stevie Nicks witch <3 <3

    1. Creepy and Kooky.... ;) Stevie Nicks witch is the ultimate, right???!!!!! <3