This week was a tough one for me. We were prompted to look into our selves and our personalities to find our own magic. This kind of art journalling
 (the journalling part, really) is difficult for me and I have always loathed being asked to write about myself or to use myself as a direct inspiration point.
 That being said, I think I have tackled the week in my own way and I really love all of my pages.
 Anyone else struggle with these kind of briefs?
 (please say yes!) 

 A Thousand Tiny Things
- food colouring

I have perfectly decent inks but for some reason, this week I decided to use black food colouring in their place.
 It's actually a nice effect, kind of worn and faded. 
This spread didn't go to plan. I couldn't get my words to fit or shape the letters quite right. I also struggled to amend it properly in Photoshop because my computer seems to be dying a slow, annoying death. I was all ready to sack it off until i realised that I liked how it looked. Right or wrong, perfect or flawed, I like it and that's what matters. So here it is. First image. Centre stage. My flaws. BOOM

NB (it is supposed to read " there are a thousand tiny things making me" I wrote it as a kinda FU to the prompts.
 It is impossible to put myself into pen, paper, paint, words because of this!!!!)

 You Beautiful Thing
- collage & marker pen

Affirmations to make myself feel better about struggling with the prompts. 

 All of Me
- collage, marker pen & photoshop

I listed out contradictions I find in myself. Strong and Weak. Confident and Shy. Loving and Cold. Strong and Weak. I am all of these things and sometimes none of these things. To demonstrate the layers and layers of my personality (and all personalities) I collaged around my young self. I then cut and pasted over the words in Photoshop to create a personal piece that I actually like. (!!!!!)

Oh, Hello
- stencil, marbling & photoshop

A celebration and recognition of my small, tiny (massive, huge) achievement with the previous page. i know it doesn't seem like much but creating something like that is so challenging for me that is like entering a new chapter of art journalling. So. Hello. 



  1. I think you pages are a beautiful mess. The fact that they aren't "perfect" makes them lovely.

    Also, when I'm asked to say something about myself, I forget who I am...

    1. Katie, I'll be borrowing "when I'm asked to say something about myself, I forget who I am" because that is exactly what I was trying to convey! 🎉

  2. I struggled big time this week as well Julia & ended up doing my own thing which like you I'm happy with...which is the most important thing!

    1. Exactly! it's nice to know I'm not the only one :)

  3. love love love the food coloring one. And the fact that you are so thrilled about the page that features you. YAY!

  4. The "you beautiful thing" page wins my heart as does "Oh Hello", nah I love them all. Liking ourselves perfectly flawed is what it's all about I think, and yes impossible to sum yourself up in a page (or book haha).