A couple of weeks ago when Nina posted the templates for this on the get messy blog, I thought it would be a tough task for me. I wanted to tackle it because I loved reading other peoples takes on it and this concept has always been an interest of mine. Partly because I spend a lot of time in a dream world, imagining how things could be different and partly because I had a very rebellious teenage life. 

When I sat down last weekend to write these letters, it all came pouring out. Really easy, quick and free flowing. I was so surprised but it must of been something I was secretly yearning to do. 

Plucking up the courage to share them though.. that's been difficult. I wanted to share these parts of me to build my bravery up and to encourage myself and others to try more personal art journalling. 

i have covered some parts up and also some things might not make sense because I'm speaking to me and that's almost like your own internal language. 
But, you get the general feel. 

I feel so good for sharing these and for writing them out. i would recommend anyone else to do this as well! 




  1. Julia, i am speechless. Thank you for being so willing to open up. These are so raw and honest and beautiful. It makes me want to open up even more than i did in my pages. It also makes me realise that i need to go digital a little more. Thank you for your candor your creativity and for being here! X

    1. What a dream comment! Thank you V, I love digital because of the mixing of elements and how easily it is to use your own library of images, looking forward to seeing you delve into this more! <3