In fair Verona we set our scene....

This is an exiting collaboration! My friend Karen created a Romeo and Juliet zine and was kind enough to let me create with her! Karen is sharing her pages over on her blog today as well, so to get a feel for the complete thing, head over. 

About A Boy
- collage & marker pen

I stitched this couple during my first term at university and loved it so much I have about 7 copies of it! I wanted to create some modern pages for this zine and think that the couple and the stark crisp background with the cross really compliment one another, It's a minimal version of my style but something I like and would like to experiment more with.

A Plague!
- collage, bronze paint & marker pen

I made my zine whilst watching the Baz Luhman film from 1996. It is a film I remember watching semi-obsessively during my teens and I think that the scene where Mercutio dies and it all basically starts to unravel is my favourite. 

The Cross
- collage, bronze paint & marker pen

The cross and religion plays a big part in Romeo and Juliet. Especially the film version. 
I am of no faith myself but love that it is basically the third character in the film. 
Overpowering and ever present.

- bronze paint, ink, collage & marker pen

Listen to this song. It's one of my all time favourites and it's what this page and it's little pop out is all about. 

Love Thy Neighbour 
- collage, ink & marker pen

Another modern spread. This is a super busy one and probably one of my favourites. 
All of the images I have had in my stash for years and I am so happy that they have found a home here. 

Montague VS Capulet
- felt tips, ink & marker pen

The very core of the story. In my mind, this would be an alternate cover for the book. 
Skulls, tears and hearts. 

- collage, ink, acrylic & marker pen

Again, this is from the Luhman film. the famous scene when they first meet. 
This might be my favourite page that I created for this zine, it's pure, pretty and also kind of sad. 
I really, really love it. 

Thanks for reading and thanks to Karen for this opportunity! 




  1. No, THANK YOU Julia I love every page you made but the "love thy neighbour" one is my ultimate favourite.

  2. I think this is my favourite Zine co-lab.This one of my fave films, I love what you've both done so much! I completely agree that when Mercutio utters that fateful line 'A plague on both your houses'....shit gets real.

    1. Shit does get real. Mercutio doesn't know what he started...

  3. it's so amazing, I love both your takes on this