I am part of an amazing group called Get Messy Art Journal and lucky enough to be on their Creative Team as well. If you are a frequent visitor to my blog 
( or any social media!) you'll know about Get Messy but maybe not all of it; or my story of how I joined and became an art journaller... 

I initially found out about Get Messy on Pinterest. I saw a load of pages tagged under Get Messy Art Journal, followed a link to Caylees blog and saw that it was an art journalling programme that anyone could sign up to! I immediately contacted her and requested to join. I was super nervous because I had been in and out of sketchbooks since leaving University but not really posted much on social media. I was worried that I might look a bit lame or rubbish. I was attracted to the programme because I knew I wanted to do more creative activities in my spare time but I wasn't sure how to steer myself or what I really wanted to do. I wasn't used to not having a brief or project to work on - art through education was all I knew! I also wasn't familiar with the world of art journalling or anything even remotely similar, like project life or 30 days of lists. 

Once Caylee said I could join (eeeek!) I was enlisted into the Facebook group. I remember being so scared and cautious because I had never really interacted with new people through the internet before and I wondered how best to present myself whilst feeling really under qualified. I didn't have a blog! or 1000 instagram followers! or a clue how to start! Turns out, none of this really mattered - it still doesn't. Everyone in the group was incredibly kind and lovely and supportive. I posted my work through Pinterest initially and as I got more confident, Instagram too and then eventually, I made this blog. 

As I was growing in confidence and as my work started to evolve and I found my style again, Get Messy was also growing. At the very beginning of this year, the Get Messy Art Journal blog was launched and memberships were brought. This meant we as messians (the collective term we give ourselves) had a whole host of fresh and new information to help us create pages in the form of tutorials, inspiration, member spotlights etc. It was amazing to watch this little group that I had joined on a whim, really grow, expand and develop. 

I slowly became an original member after being around for a year and watching all of this change happen. I was totally dedicated, I posted every single Thursday and I was enjoying making friends, supporting new members and learning about myself. I then was asked to become a Creative Team Member for Get Messy. This meant more posting on the blog and being an official source of cheerleading and inspiration. IT WAS AMAZING! I was actually in Kyoto at the time and it is probably one of the most surreal moments of my life. 

And now Get Messy is evolving again. We are moving to a brand new blog, have added a whole host of crazily inspiring people to the Creative Team and picked up an amazing amount of new talented artists to make pages with. I can honestly say that Get Messy has changed my life. It has gotten me back to me and helped realise my true potential. It has given me the creative outlet I craved outside of work and also allowed me to connect with like minded people, all over the world. I have grown a blog, instagram page and even shop from starting this programme 18 months ago and I cant recommend it enough! 

If you are interested in joining Get Messy, here is where you need to sign up. Don't just take my word for it though, I am linking you to all of the other people in the Creative Team with me who I know will inspire and ignite you to join! 

2016 is the year of the art journal.


  1. my forever art journal girl crush! I love seeing your pages here and reading your words. So much has come out of this amazing community! I'm so grateful for the connections x

  2. Jules, I've loved getting to know you through Get Messy this past year! I feel like our styles are somewhat similar but also so different. I love that about GM. :)

    1. Totally - I think it's the excessive use of colour ;) <3

  3. Yay for Get Messy and its amazing, inspiring and motivating crew. Can't wait for 2016. Love your work Jules. xx

  4. Yay, hooray, and woo hoo - bring on 2016!

  5. woohoo! I'm really honored to be in this team by your side, I'm a huge fan of your work and I dare to say I love your face <3