I am part of an amazing group called Get Messy Art Journal and lucky enough to be on their Creative Team as well. If you are a frequent visitor to my blog 
( or any social media!) you'll know about Get Messy but maybe not all of it; or my story of how I joined and became an art journaller... 

I initially found out about Get Messy on Pinterest. I saw a load of pages tagged under Get Messy Art Journal, followed a link to Caylees blog and saw that it was an art journalling programme that anyone could sign up to! I immediately contacted her and requested to join. I was super nervous because I had been in and out of sketchbooks since leaving University but not really posted much on social media. I was worried that I might look a bit lame or rubbish. I was attracted to the programme because I knew I wanted to do more creative activities in my spare time but I wasn't sure how to steer myself or what I really wanted to do. I wasn't used to not having a brief or project to work on - art through education was all I knew! I also wasn't familiar with the world of art journalling or anything even remotely similar, like project life or 30 days of lists. 

Once Caylee said I could join (eeeek!) I was enlisted into the Facebook group. I remember being so scared and cautious because I had never really interacted with new people through the internet before and I wondered how best to present myself whilst feeling really under qualified. I didn't have a blog! or 1000 instagram followers! or a clue how to start! Turns out, none of this really mattered - it still doesn't. Everyone in the group was incredibly kind and lovely and supportive. I posted my work through Pinterest initially and as I got more confident, Instagram too and then eventually, I made this blog. 

As I was growing in confidence and as my work started to evolve and I found my style again, Get Messy was also growing. At the very beginning of this year, the Get Messy Art Journal blog was launched and memberships were brought. This meant we as messians (the collective term we give ourselves) had a whole host of fresh and new information to help us create pages in the form of tutorials, inspiration, member spotlights etc. It was amazing to watch this little group that I had joined on a whim, really grow, expand and develop. 

I slowly became an original member after being around for a year and watching all of this change happen. I was totally dedicated, I posted every single Thursday and I was enjoying making friends, supporting new members and learning about myself. I then was asked to become a Creative Team Member for Get Messy. This meant more posting on the blog and being an official source of cheerleading and inspiration. IT WAS AMAZING! I was actually in Kyoto at the time and it is probably one of the most surreal moments of my life. 

And now Get Messy is evolving again. We are moving to a brand new blog, have added a whole host of crazily inspiring people to the Creative Team and picked up an amazing amount of new talented artists to make pages with. I can honestly say that Get Messy has changed my life. It has gotten me back to me and helped realise my true potential. It has given me the creative outlet I craved outside of work and also allowed me to connect with like minded people, all over the world. I have grown a blog, instagram page and even shop from starting this programme 18 months ago and I cant recommend it enough! 

If you are interested in joining Get Messy, here is where you need to sign up. Don't just take my word for it though, I am linking you to all of the other people in the Creative Team with me who I know will inspire and ignite you to join! 

2016 is the year of the art journal.


A couple of weeks ago when Nina posted the templates for this on the get messy blog, I thought it would be a tough task for me. I wanted to tackle it because I loved reading other peoples takes on it and this concept has always been an interest of mine. Partly because I spend a lot of time in a dream world, imagining how things could be different and partly because I had a very rebellious teenage life. 

When I sat down last weekend to write these letters, it all came pouring out. Really easy, quick and free flowing. I was so surprised but it must of been something I was secretly yearning to do. 

Plucking up the courage to share them though.. that's been difficult. I wanted to share these parts of me to build my bravery up and to encourage myself and others to try more personal art journalling. 

i have covered some parts up and also some things might not make sense because I'm speaking to me and that's almost like your own internal language. 
But, you get the general feel. 

I feel so good for sharing these and for writing them out. i would recommend anyone else to do this as well! 




In fair Verona we set our scene....

This is an exiting collaboration! My friend Karen created a Romeo and Juliet zine and was kind enough to let me create with her! Karen is sharing her pages over on her blog today as well, so to get a feel for the complete thing, head over. 

About A Boy
- collage & marker pen

I stitched this couple during my first term at university and loved it so much I have about 7 copies of it! I wanted to create some modern pages for this zine and think that the couple and the stark crisp background with the cross really compliment one another, It's a minimal version of my style but something I like and would like to experiment more with.

A Plague!
- collage, bronze paint & marker pen

I made my zine whilst watching the Baz Luhman film from 1996. It is a film I remember watching semi-obsessively during my teens and I think that the scene where Mercutio dies and it all basically starts to unravel is my favourite. 

The Cross
- collage, bronze paint & marker pen

The cross and religion plays a big part in Romeo and Juliet. Especially the film version. 
I am of no faith myself but love that it is basically the third character in the film. 
Overpowering and ever present.

- bronze paint, ink, collage & marker pen

Listen to this song. It's one of my all time favourites and it's what this page and it's little pop out is all about. 

Love Thy Neighbour 
- collage, ink & marker pen

Another modern spread. This is a super busy one and probably one of my favourites. 
All of the images I have had in my stash for years and I am so happy that they have found a home here. 

Montague VS Capulet
- felt tips, ink & marker pen

The very core of the story. In my mind, this would be an alternate cover for the book. 
Skulls, tears and hearts. 

- collage, ink, acrylic & marker pen

Again, this is from the Luhman film. the famous scene when they first meet. 
This might be my favourite page that I created for this zine, it's pure, pretty and also kind of sad. 
I really, really love it. 

Thanks for reading and thanks to Karen for this opportunity! 




I am part of a collaborative group called Zine Squad. We work as a trio plus guest collaborators to create and gift zines to members of the get messy art journal community. This last week though, the tables were turned and I was zined! 
Vanessa and Katie worked with two of my favourite people ever (Torrie and Lauren) to create me this magical woodland zine.

I cant tell you how happy, surprised and touched I was when I received this! 

Because the zine was woodland themed and I am lucky enough to live next to the Meanwood Valley Trail, we went on a little adventure this weekend.... 

I have a pretty good idea as to who's pages are who's but to confirm my suspicious and to read what each page is about, check out the posts by these talented artists on their blogs. 


It's witching week... 

Fortunes Faded
- collage & marker pen

I was inspired by these magazine images because they reminded me of Misty Day from American Horror Story Coven. 
White witches in the deep south of America.. 
A little bit series 1 of True detective too and that whole pagan witchy worship vibe. It lead me down a fortune teller route as well which is why I marked on the lyrics to the chilli peppers song "fortune faded". I really like it as a spread; the layers with bold text are a safe and happy zone for me to be in! 

Major Laser
- collage & acrylic

Inspired by the ever wonderful Essie, these paper collages are so much fun to do! My muse here was myself and the laser type creative vibes I put out into the world - which are purple, obviously. 

Papa Don't Preach
- collage & marker pen

I used collage and quotes from Kiki's delivery service here to try and explain what it's like when you lose your magic. When you feel lost and abandoned by your own creativity. Sometimes it can just seem to vanish around me (although not often, I am happy to say!) When this happens, you remember how easily it once flowed and how impossible it seems to bring it back. In my experience the only thing to do in these situations is to keep at it and eventually, you'll get it back!

- collage, ink & acrylic

Because every witch is ruled by the moon, right?

Witch! Witch!
- collage & acrylic

My absolute favourite page so far. I have always been fascinated and terrified in equal measures by witches, ever since I was small. You have the bad and scary (Wicked Witch of the West, The Witches) versus the good and cool (Sabrina, Practical Magic, Harry Potter) so I was ridiculously excited to make this spread. I wanted to convey the victimization that real women faced over accusations of witchcraft and the effects this then had on them. I also wanted to echo this from our modern society and the way in which the media currently can portray and attack certain individuals. Sometimes reading the news, it's like we have made no evolution since Salem. This is why the quote in the corner means so much to the page. 

" There's nothing I can hear about myself that I haven't already heard" 
Cheryl Fernandez Versini

A Girl and A Cat
- collage & photoshop

Kiki, again.  This is a classic halloweeny style page and was oh-so indulgent to make! The bones over the top of the witch and cat are an old acetate I had from university (I did a project on the four horsemen of the apocalypse and this was used for some screen prints). I always love re-using old pieces like this and the acetate has given some ideas for continuing layered themes in my art journal....

- collage, acrylic & pen

Behave or I'll turn you into a pumpkin. 
If there is one thing I take from all of my witchiness this week, it's that I want this power.


This week was a tough one for me. We were prompted to look into our selves and our personalities to find our own magic. This kind of art journalling
 (the journalling part, really) is difficult for me and I have always loathed being asked to write about myself or to use myself as a direct inspiration point.
 That being said, I think I have tackled the week in my own way and I really love all of my pages.
 Anyone else struggle with these kind of briefs?
 (please say yes!) 

 A Thousand Tiny Things
- food colouring

I have perfectly decent inks but for some reason, this week I decided to use black food colouring in their place.
 It's actually a nice effect, kind of worn and faded. 
This spread didn't go to plan. I couldn't get my words to fit or shape the letters quite right. I also struggled to amend it properly in Photoshop because my computer seems to be dying a slow, annoying death. I was all ready to sack it off until i realised that I liked how it looked. Right or wrong, perfect or flawed, I like it and that's what matters. So here it is. First image. Centre stage. My flaws. BOOM

NB (it is supposed to read " there are a thousand tiny things making me" I wrote it as a kinda FU to the prompts.
 It is impossible to put myself into pen, paper, paint, words because of this!!!!)

 You Beautiful Thing
- collage & marker pen

Affirmations to make myself feel better about struggling with the prompts. 

 All of Me
- collage, marker pen & photoshop

I listed out contradictions I find in myself. Strong and Weak. Confident and Shy. Loving and Cold. Strong and Weak. I am all of these things and sometimes none of these things. To demonstrate the layers and layers of my personality (and all personalities) I collaged around my young self. I then cut and pasted over the words in Photoshop to create a personal piece that I actually like. (!!!!!)

Oh, Hello
- stencil, marbling & photoshop

A celebration and recognition of my small, tiny (massive, huge) achievement with the previous page. i know it doesn't seem like much but creating something like that is so challenging for me that is like entering a new chapter of art journalling. So. Hello.