Keeping these zine secrets is killing me... 

- zine front cover by Katie

This zine is for Sharon. She is an amazingly talented art journaller who has fallen on a rough patch of life this past year. We wanted to dedicate and gift this zine of Bold to remind Sharon that she is an inspiration to us all in the get messy art journalling community. Bold, Brave and Deserving!

Today we have organised a blog hop to show off all of our individual and joint pages for the zine. The contributors for this edition were:
Myself, Katie, Lauren and Vanessa

I'm doing it anyway
- collage & acrylic

I was the last person to receive this zine so my job was to finish off all the blank pages. I was totally overwhelmed by the pages already created that I had a bit of creative block. This was the first page I made, to help ease myself in. Being bold is all about taking chances and diving in head first, even when it's scary and you have no idea what you're doing! 

Mind Over Matter
- collage & pen

I was lucky enough again to share a page with my art journal obsession, Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd. Her page is on the right, mine the left. I added some florals and hearts to her tiger as well as highlighting the word bold. For my side, I wanted something that complimented the idea of quiet strength. I chose these sparrows and triangles as ordinary shapes and objects that together read as strong and punchy.

Dolly Mix
- felt tips & water

I started this background with the intention of a quote or drawing or collage to go over the top but I loved the simplicity of it too much to tamper with! 
I decided to smudge the right hand side with water, to separate the two pages a little. I think it shows no matter what is put onto you, your true self will always shine through.

- acrylic & pen

The last page was mine to claim and I wanted something pure and BOLD. Yellow acrylic has that kinda feel, don't you think? 

Stay tuned for more secret zines landing soon ..... 




  1. I love all of these so much. SO much. :)

    I also now know why I couldn't decide if that tiger page was yours of V's. You two are sneaky.

    1. Aha! Those sneaky tigers hey ;) Thanks katie, this was a cool zine to collaborate on! <3

  2. eee heee heee! Julia you are the sneakiest! It took me a while to notice the doodles, then I was like 'I'm brilliant!' until I caught on that they are you added touches :) LOVE this zine project we have going on with Katie! x