This is our last week creating for the season of words in get messy. I have enjoyed this season so much more than I initially anticipated and am really sad to see it end! I still have loads of pages left to alter in the greenwood tree and I plan to keep using the book as another journal option for myself. 

- felt tips

I am so happy I reached this section of the book before the season ended. When I started, the book was in winter and (much like real life) I thought spring would never happen! 

My Task
- collage and acrylic

I discovered this bright pink paint in my stash this week so that was all kinds of amazing. I also decided to put in this bit of magazine that I've been hoarding for about 10 years! I remember seeing it in a magazine and it made me smile :) I tore it out and it wasn't until I painted this black background that I felt it had a home in any sketchbook of mine, 

In the morning
- ink

I visited the ceramic poppies at Yorkshire Sculpture Park a few weekends ago and I wanted to create a page about them. The poppies are an art installation for the remembrance of those we have lost in wars and in service for the U.K. They were beautiful and stunning to see in person and I feel lucky to of viewed them in such a perfect setting. This quote is from a world war one poem "At the going down of the sun and in the morning - we will remember them" 

- ink, marbling & photoshop 

I am very fortunate to be on a small, select team. The members of this team are me, my boyfriend and our cat. 
It is our family motto that we are all on each others team. 
High Paw! 

- pen, acrylic & photoshop

My life plan is to live to 100. My boyfriends is to die before he gets too old (maybe 80). Once he is gone I plan to open a sanctuary for unwanted / ex racing greyhounds and whippets. By this time I should of finally learnt to knit so they will all have socks, antlers and jumpers to wear. 
I am very, very excited about this stage of my life

And with that - another season is done! 


  1. I'm so bummed that this season is ending, it has been my favorite! As always your pages are lovely! :)

    1. I know, no more hunger games journal pages :( (although please do more :D) Thank You!

  2. When you're 80, I'm going to be like... 130... so if you could open the whippet and greyhound sanctuary ahead of schedule so I can visit, I would greatly appreciate it. It sounds magical. I've loved this season, but I've sort of missed my usual sketchbook -- looking forward to what's next. As always, beautiful, lively, colorful pages! xx

    1. DEAL. I'll make sure the adoption centre is up and running for you asap ;) Thanks for your comments lovely lady, I've so enjoyed your regular postings this season xo

  3. Perfect team and Perfect plan! And black and pink are the best :)

  4. Let's start the sanctuary now! Seize the day.

  5. best retirement plan ever. Love these pages and that pink! I know the war poem very well, it is recited at every commemoration ceremony and military funeral. It is so beautiful.

    1. Thank You! It's so beautiful, the poem <3 <3