I made this weeks pages in a crazy flurry. Sometimes I'm just hit with ideas and inspiration and need to get it all out. 
This is why I work in multiple journals at once! 

- acrylic & collage

Hello and welcome to the inside of my mind. 

Fated to pretend
- collage & pen

This song is one my mum always says reminds her of me (apart from the bit about heroin
I like the thought of being fated to pretend.... and play..... and create! 

How your brain works
- collage

This was a comment that Vanessa left on my last get messy post. It's also something that is said to me quite frequently (I have a weird brain, an interesting view on things etc) It's a comment that always leaves me happy and feeling unique and individual. I cut the letters out from magazine as a nod to Vanessa's style.

- ink & collage

This song by Beyonce has been in head for weeks now. I think this particular line really strikes a chord with me as well. When I started creating for myself again, through get messy, I felt like I had found myself. I felt alive and true. I think it's a great quote to remember that to be your best self - you have to treat yourself to the things that bring you joy - or else you'll loose it all

Pieces of Me
- collage & acrylic

Yes, I referenced Ashlee Simpson! Anyone else a fan of her reality TV show? No? I was stuck for some reason this week on the theme of yourself as an entity. After putting this page together I also felt it went well with the quote "she loved mysterious so much, she became one" 

Your Heart
- collage & felt tip

When I am art journalling I either sit in perfect, blissful silence or watch trash TV. When I creating this week, I was watching pretty little liars and this quote is from a song featured on the show. I like documenting intense, dark  feelings, even though they aren't necessarily my own. 
I think that what humans are capable of is fascinating. 

This has been my favourite week of the season of words so far, I hoped you enjoyed looking at all my pages (!) and make sure to check out the other creatives in the group via the get messy blog



  1. Ah these are so great! I can feel the energy coming off the screen. So cool

  2. what a comment can lead (don't know why that was cut out!)

  3. The Kandinsky is superb. is a black gesso base? I Need to get me some dat.

    1. It's just black acrylic :) And yes, you need some Kadinsky collage in your life!

  4. Julia your pages are super, thank u for sharing your amazing art work :) Lucia

  5. I mean..... wow. You are incredible.

  6. Just WOW! oh and LOVE!

  7. Jules, you have been a very busy moose this week. I love all of your pages - as always.

  8. love all of this julia and I love that you've let so much of the book text come through this week it really sets off the bold graphics and text you used

    1. Thank You! I was feeling a little like I had neglected the altered journal so I'm increasing its usage! xo