This is my favourite week so far! I created these pages in a quick hour flurry and was left exhausted and empty. 
I love the feeling of getting all my ideas and thoughts down on paper and enjoying the reflection that hits back at you. 

- collage & felt tips

We were prompted this week to think of stories we read when we were children and my first thought went to a book I had called Lily and the present. 
The general synopsis is that Lily is getting a new baby brother and goes through a huge department store looking for the ideal gift. She eventually settles on a balloon (kinda lame) but one of her options is a CROCODILE. I was so into this single page of the book and the idea of having a crocodile that my parents eventually gifted me a huge plush crocodile. He's around 5ft and loved dearly - I called him Eric. This page is an ode to Eric and the story that captured my imagination so wildly. 

P.S I think my crocodile drawing looks a lot like derpy charmander... ;)

- acrylic

- acrylic & collage 

When I was small I loved reading, it was a hobby given to me to help improve my spelling and I fell in love quick and hard. I had a series of audio tapes to listen to as I dropped off to sleep that in hindsight, I listened to for too long really - they were a big source of comfort for me. One of the best tapes I had was Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories. How the Leopard got his spots, in particular. I loved the way the narrator could transport you to Africa and make you think of all the patterns and textures and shadows. i also liked how humans and animals could talk and interact. I have always dreamt that animals can talk to me and maybe this is why?! I created both pages with my fingertips and acrylic, as described in the story and loved the "Britishness" of the leopard in the quote! 

- collage & ink

It's October, so why not a creepy Halloween page? My ripped elements of the couple kissing are from Courtney Loves biography. A lot of people judge me when they learn I have this book but research it before you judge! She was an extraordinary art journaller and collager and where I go for a lot of inspiration. The Addams Family was one of my favourite films when I was growing up and I loved this quote from my spirit sister Wednesday. 

Dyslexic in pink
- highlighter & pen

I have dedicated a page in my altered book for dyslexia. I wanted the page to be busy and difficult to read as this is how most books appear to me! 
I think that being dyslexic has shaped my life in such unusual ways and taken me on paths I wouldn't of travelled, had I not had this difficulty. 
It is astounding to me how many people know about dyslexia but still get it wrong. A lot of people assume you're stupid, or cant read or are less articulate than others. All it is, is seeing the world differently and interpreting life in an unusual way. It is a part of me and I wanted to give my little quirk a dedication page for just that - being part of me.  


  1. Bravo Jules! You put so much of yourself in your art. I love it and I have such a hard time with mine.

    1. Melody! Thank You! I feel like it took me a long time to put myself into it and I'm still working on it, each time I open my art journal up. It's difficult and doesn't come naturally to me either. Stick at it and parts of you will just naturally start to slip in :)

  2. These are fabulous, Julia! and your doodle of Eric is the best! Also, true story- This one time I paid $5 to hold an alligator.

    1. Eric says thanks! And he hopes you enjoying your up close and personal time with his zoo brother ;)

  3. Julia, I love how your mind works. NO ONE SHOULD JUDGE COURTNEY LOVE. Like ever. Love her. I grew up with Hole and especially the Live through this album.

    1. YES. Thank You! You totally need that book in your life. <3