This weeks pages came after a bout of absolute creative drought. I just didn't know what to do or how to approach the prompts. I was completely uninspired and was actively avoiding looking at my book! 
I decided to just try throwing colour at my problem and I actually emerged from this little uninspired coma with pages I am super happy and proud of! Colour fixes everything! 

Here is my first page that broke me out of the rut.. 

Rainbow Blackout
- felt tips & watercolour

I love blackout poems and the one I created here is pretty abstract but I like the words that come from it. Spirits, snow and solitary. 

- felt tip, watercolour & collage

I think on reflection these words would of fitted better with the rainbow colours (!)
This blackout poem is a dedication to all my creative crafty art friends :) 
I was planning to draw over the top of the black collage but I quite like the depth and darkness of it. It's very reflective of the funk I was in before creating these pages. When your mind is just.... blank

- watercolour & collage

This is a time travllers wife quote. I splashed water over the letters once they were semi-dried to try and bring some emotion to the page. It's a desperate plea and it's a quote I can relate to over and over. 

- watercolour & photoshop

I needed to dedicate a page to my favourite words ever, as it is the season of words.. I love flump because of the way it fills your mouth when you say it and it makes me all nostalgic for marshmallow treats.


  1. I love both the black out poems so much they are very addictive to do and so much fun to find some random words to go together. Well done for getting these done even though you weren't feeling the love to begin with

    1. Thanks Lovely! I recommend a rainbow poem for sure :)

  2. 1. I love the rainbow black out poem. The rainbow is amazing and so so inspiring!
    2. Also love the artist blackout poem. <3
    3. I love how you got yourself out of this creative rut. Color fixes everything, yes?

  3. Rainbow poem = you are a genius. That black one is very cool too. Love how different they make the mood.

  4. I agree with Vanessa , you are a genius. Colour fixes everything . Glad you got messy. p.s Loved your prompt!