This is our last week creating for the season of words in get messy. I have enjoyed this season so much more than I initially anticipated and am really sad to see it end! I still have loads of pages left to alter in the greenwood tree and I plan to keep using the book as another journal option for myself. 

- felt tips

I am so happy I reached this section of the book before the season ended. When I started, the book was in winter and (much like real life) I thought spring would never happen! 

My Task
- collage and acrylic

I discovered this bright pink paint in my stash this week so that was all kinds of amazing. I also decided to put in this bit of magazine that I've been hoarding for about 10 years! I remember seeing it in a magazine and it made me smile :) I tore it out and it wasn't until I painted this black background that I felt it had a home in any sketchbook of mine, 

In the morning
- ink

I visited the ceramic poppies at Yorkshire Sculpture Park a few weekends ago and I wanted to create a page about them. The poppies are an art installation for the remembrance of those we have lost in wars and in service for the U.K. They were beautiful and stunning to see in person and I feel lucky to of viewed them in such a perfect setting. This quote is from a world war one poem "At the going down of the sun and in the morning - we will remember them" 

- ink, marbling & photoshop 

I am very fortunate to be on a small, select team. The members of this team are me, my boyfriend and our cat. 
It is our family motto that we are all on each others team. 
High Paw! 

- pen, acrylic & photoshop

My life plan is to live to 100. My boyfriends is to die before he gets too old (maybe 80). Once he is gone I plan to open a sanctuary for unwanted / ex racing greyhounds and whippets. By this time I should of finally learnt to knit so they will all have socks, antlers and jumpers to wear. 
I am very, very excited about this stage of my life

And with that - another season is done! 


I made this weeks pages in a crazy flurry. Sometimes I'm just hit with ideas and inspiration and need to get it all out. 
This is why I work in multiple journals at once! 

- acrylic & collage

Hello and welcome to the inside of my mind. 

Fated to pretend
- collage & pen

This song is one my mum always says reminds her of me (apart from the bit about heroin
I like the thought of being fated to pretend.... and play..... and create! 

How your brain works
- collage

This was a comment that Vanessa left on my last get messy post. It's also something that is said to me quite frequently (I have a weird brain, an interesting view on things etc) It's a comment that always leaves me happy and feeling unique and individual. I cut the letters out from magazine as a nod to Vanessa's style.

- ink & collage

This song by Beyonce has been in head for weeks now. I think this particular line really strikes a chord with me as well. When I started creating for myself again, through get messy, I felt like I had found myself. I felt alive and true. I think it's a great quote to remember that to be your best self - you have to treat yourself to the things that bring you joy - or else you'll loose it all

Pieces of Me
- collage & acrylic

Yes, I referenced Ashlee Simpson! Anyone else a fan of her reality TV show? No? I was stuck for some reason this week on the theme of yourself as an entity. After putting this page together I also felt it went well with the quote "she loved mysterious so much, she became one" 

Your Heart
- collage & felt tip

When I am art journalling I either sit in perfect, blissful silence or watch trash TV. When I creating this week, I was watching pretty little liars and this quote is from a song featured on the show. I like documenting intense, dark  feelings, even though they aren't necessarily my own. 
I think that what humans are capable of is fascinating. 

This has been my favourite week of the season of words so far, I hoped you enjoyed looking at all my pages (!) and make sure to check out the other creatives in the group via the get messy blog



I've been creating secret zines again.... 

Vitamine Sea
- cover by Vanessa Oliver Lloyd

A couple of months ago me and a couple other creative bandits (Vanessa and Katie) started on a little journey, creating and gifting collaborative zines. 
Our first edition was Space Camp that went to lovely Caylee in August and our second is this; Vitamine Sea. This zine was for Lauren, the co-creator of Get Messy Art Journal alongside Caylee. We wanted to give something back to these two people who have given us so much through the community of Get Messy. 
We also recruited two other creatives to work on this zine with us! Today we have a blog-hop between all of us, so make sure you check out Kate's, Rebecca's, V's and Katies posts to get a look at all the pages created.  

- felt tip, ink & acrylic

I used the lyrics to MGMT's electric feel around my inky jellyfish and the background is created from white acrylic, ink and a paperchase store card! 
Rebecca added her purple page on the right after mine so to see it finished as a double spread was so cool! I like how her ripped pieces of paper mimic the jellyfish tentacles and her circle pieces, the ink splashes on mine. These collaborative pages are the best thing about creating international zines like this one. 

Sea of Love
- ink & collage

I was lucky enough to of been given the middle spread for this zine. I chose to do a simple, marbled effect around the lyrics to Cat Powers song "Sea of Love". 

Salt Water
- monoprint, ink & pen

I shared a double page here with Vanessa. I loved her illustration of pregnancy and being the sea. I am personally quite creeped out about pregnancy (I know, I know) but I loved V's drawing and wording around this so much that I felt compelled to counter it. I wanted to create a whimsical patterned page and
  "I can taste salt water" as an answer to Vanessa's page. We were all in the sea once, it's where we began.

- collage, acrylic & felt tips 

This is one of my favourite quotes, ever. It explains the fascination and fear I feel towards the sea and ocean. 

I wanted to get a deep, underwater, dreamlike feeling... 
I created my page and then Kate added on her Vobla collage on the left. I just love what she has done, it's so different to mine, yet works brilliantly!   

Please check out the other pages created for this mini project and keep your eyes peeled for more secret zine projects coming your way..... ;) 



This is my favourite week so far! I created these pages in a quick hour flurry and was left exhausted and empty. 
I love the feeling of getting all my ideas and thoughts down on paper and enjoying the reflection that hits back at you. 

- collage & felt tips

We were prompted this week to think of stories we read when we were children and my first thought went to a book I had called Lily and the present. 
The general synopsis is that Lily is getting a new baby brother and goes through a huge department store looking for the ideal gift. She eventually settles on a balloon (kinda lame) but one of her options is a CROCODILE. I was so into this single page of the book and the idea of having a crocodile that my parents eventually gifted me a huge plush crocodile. He's around 5ft and loved dearly - I called him Eric. This page is an ode to Eric and the story that captured my imagination so wildly. 

P.S I think my crocodile drawing looks a lot like derpy charmander... ;)

- acrylic

- acrylic & collage 

When I was small I loved reading, it was a hobby given to me to help improve my spelling and I fell in love quick and hard. I had a series of audio tapes to listen to as I dropped off to sleep that in hindsight, I listened to for too long really - they were a big source of comfort for me. One of the best tapes I had was Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories. How the Leopard got his spots, in particular. I loved the way the narrator could transport you to Africa and make you think of all the patterns and textures and shadows. i also liked how humans and animals could talk and interact. I have always dreamt that animals can talk to me and maybe this is why?! I created both pages with my fingertips and acrylic, as described in the story and loved the "Britishness" of the leopard in the quote! 

- collage & ink

It's October, so why not a creepy Halloween page? My ripped elements of the couple kissing are from Courtney Loves biography. A lot of people judge me when they learn I have this book but research it before you judge! She was an extraordinary art journaller and collager and where I go for a lot of inspiration. The Addams Family was one of my favourite films when I was growing up and I loved this quote from my spirit sister Wednesday. 

Dyslexic in pink
- highlighter & pen

I have dedicated a page in my altered book for dyslexia. I wanted the page to be busy and difficult to read as this is how most books appear to me! 
I think that being dyslexic has shaped my life in such unusual ways and taken me on paths I wouldn't of travelled, had I not had this difficulty. 
It is astounding to me how many people know about dyslexia but still get it wrong. A lot of people assume you're stupid, or cant read or are less articulate than others. All it is, is seeing the world differently and interpreting life in an unusual way. It is a part of me and I wanted to give my little quirk a dedication page for just that - being part of me.  


This weeks pages came after a bout of absolute creative drought. I just didn't know what to do or how to approach the prompts. I was completely uninspired and was actively avoiding looking at my book! 
I decided to just try throwing colour at my problem and I actually emerged from this little uninspired coma with pages I am super happy and proud of! Colour fixes everything! 

Here is my first page that broke me out of the rut.. 

Rainbow Blackout
- felt tips & watercolour

I love blackout poems and the one I created here is pretty abstract but I like the words that come from it. Spirits, snow and solitary. 

- felt tip, watercolour & collage

I think on reflection these words would of fitted better with the rainbow colours (!)
This blackout poem is a dedication to all my creative crafty art friends :) 
I was planning to draw over the top of the black collage but I quite like the depth and darkness of it. It's very reflective of the funk I was in before creating these pages. When your mind is just.... blank

- watercolour & collage

This is a time travllers wife quote. I splashed water over the letters once they were semi-dried to try and bring some emotion to the page. It's a desperate plea and it's a quote I can relate to over and over. 

- watercolour & photoshop

I needed to dedicate a page to my favourite words ever, as it is the season of words.. I love flump because of the way it fills your mouth when you say it and it makes me all nostalgic for marshmallow treats.


Week 3 of Season of Words for get messy art journal.. let's go! 

- watercolour & felt tip

One of my favourite quotes from the time travellers wife. About defiance and yourself and protection.  

- acrylic, collage, stamps & felt tip

A page dedicated to my upbringing. I have spoken on my blog before about my countryside childhood and subsequent rebellion but wanted this page to be different; fuller and vibrant. I stuck to clean lines, clear colours and layers full of mark making. I liked the link between collage and childhood as layers form and your personality grows away from where and who you were raised by - but ultimately it is always in you - at your core.  

- collage & acrylic

My version of a self portrait. As a pretty vain person, I'm a little weird about using images of myself in my art journal. 
I liked the footprints as an offbeat version of identity though and this is my favourite page I've made so far this season (!)

Magic, Music & Words 
- photoshop, acrylic, watercolour & marker pen

I love this quote. I like the idea of being stitched together and that we are made up of all these different elements. I wanted to make this a minimal and bold page - but at the last minute snuck in some photoshop layering. Old habits die hard ;)