It's new season time with get messy! Part of this weeks prompts were to re introduce ourselves so here is a quick Hello page from me to start... 

I am really into this season because it feels more involved than before. Maybe because we'll all be working in altered books as our journals 
(together! community!) or maybe because I've taken a few weeks off from creating and am feeling fresh and inspired and ready to dive back in. 
Either way, I am all levels of excitement. 

This season also fills me with a bit of trepidation because words can be very difficult for me. Dyslexia is only a small part of me and my life but it sometimes can feel like a burden. A world where we communicated in shape, colour and pattern would be my absolute dream but I don't think that will be happening any time soon so I am confronted by confusion and anxiety from words daily. My outlet for all of that is to be creative and that outlet will now be a 6 week programme focused on words. Shock therapy maybe? 

To help myself into this and to make it less daunting, I have decided to put a book into my book. My journal will be a vintage book found in a London charity shop (I currently have three and have yet to decide which one to use) and my inspiration (quotes, extracts, mood, feeling) will come from the time travellers wife. This is one of my favourite books (if you have only seen the film, I implore you to read the book. It is around a million times better, darker and gripping) and part of that is for one of the main characters being an artist. I love the way she is described to be in love with her art, her creations and her mind. Obviously this is an art journal so I will be putting my own personal emotions and stories into the pages but I felt I needed an extra security blanket coming into this season, and I'm making the time travellers wife that for me. 

- photoshop

Quote from the time travellers wife with layers of books, street art and vintage maps behind. 
I like how the map lines look like veins and the rushed, free flow of the words. 

Regular Thursday posting will resume from the 24th September :)  

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