I feel like we're flying through these seasons right now! 
This is the last week of the season of serenity and it's also the end of summer.. Wahhhhhhhh !

The pages I created this week use supplies from the get messy craft swap that was organised this season. It was the brain child of me and Karen and along with Caylee's help we managed to set up an international craft swap with 39 participants. To say I am proud and amazed by the dedication of this group is a massive understatement. 

For the swap, I actually had two partners, Kate (Russian queen of pattern) and Melody (bold and beautiful crafter) I used most of their ephemera sent to me individually with one token mixed page. 

I also got a bit carried away so there's quite a few images to follow.. 

Collage Me Crazy
- paper, card & spray paint
Melody's Ephemera 

I ripped up and layered a painted piece of card that Melody sent to me. It was painted on each side and stamped on as well so I tried to get a good balance between each of them. I then spray painted through a laser cut tag Melody also sent, to create the dots. i love the random and quick feel of this spread. 
I also love that little heart in the top right corner! <3  

We Are The Wild 
- paper, collage, felt tip, ink, stamps & watercolour
Melody's Ephemera 

I wanted to do something with a forest theme for this entire season and once I had ripped up and collaged the dictionary pages sent by Melody (torn out on the swap page, no less) I tea stained parts and then began my trees. I wanted them to be really layered so started with watercolour, then felt tip and then two more layers of the same. Seeing them now, you can't tell how much layering went into them but they definetly needed it! The quote is from the where the wild things are book and I now have that song from the film stuck in a loop in my head - no bad thing! The yellow bits in the middle are a bit random but I really like them, They make a traditional page a little quirky. 

Gold Leaf
- Card, watercolour & ink 
Melody's Ephemera 

I had this page already painted in blue watercolour just waiting for something to find it's place there. These golden bits of card from Melody I ripped pretty evenly and then stuck down. I chose stripes and leaves as a little practice for my wild things page above !  

Flower Stripe
- tracing paper, collage, ink & washi tape
Kate's Ephemera 

I love a good page with layers! This one has an absolute abundant. Kate sent me so many cool bits of paper that all looked really interesting together so rather than segment them all, I made this first page a collection collage. I then stuck it all down with washi tape. The flowers over top are marker pen on tracing paper and help to pull everything in together. 

- collage, acrylic, ink & pen
Kate's Ephemera 

Over the top of these Russian book pages (SO COOL) I painted and printed with my palms. I was inspired by this image from the get messy Pinterest page. I don't actually own any paint other than white acrylic so have to mix it with ink to create other colours. I was annoyed I couldn't get a darker tone but I think the mystic and magic still comes through.

Stamp Lines
- magazine, washi tape & stamp
Kate's Ephemera 

I ripped up a Russian magazine from Kate and created a collage with washi tape. It looked pretty cool against the brown paper but I thought I could enhance it somehow... I then decided to stamp all over it using an old factory stamp I acquired at work when we closed a site recently. It's such a cool stamp because it's broken and you get rivets and lines across the standard stripes. This might be one of my favorite pages i have created this season ! It's not exactly serene to look at but the act of repeatedly stamping over something most definitely is.,  

Stamp Stitch 
- collage, washi and felt tips
Melody's & Kate's Ephemera 

The main image of flowers was from Melody and the stamps were on the envelope from Kate! 
I love this page, it's so happy and was inspired by this cross stitch I again, found on pinterest. 

That's it for the get messy season of serenity! 
Make sure to check out everyone's pages through the link up on the get messy blog.
I'll be back posting get messy pages for a new season, starting 17th September (so now is a perfect time to join the programme if you're interested...) 


  1. So thankful that you started that swap. It helped me level up.

    1. Really? Ok, that's a badass comment. Let's do another swap immediately :D

  2. How cool is that ! The whole swap and the pages you created!!

    1. AH! Thank You Kate! I had a great time and really, really loved all my Russian ephemera <3

  3. Replies
    1. Thank You! It was all created in a bank holiday Monday haze :)