Last weekend my boyfriend and I spent four days in Lisbon. Or Lisboa, if you're pretending to be a local like me ;) To add to my feeling of localism we stayed in an air bnb (my new obsession, I refuse to even consider hotels now) and our host was adorable. He had a binder with places to go, eat and see during our stay and even made a welcome hamper for us with tea, coffee and breakfast foods. 

Lisbon was a great city for exploring little side streets, the patterned tiles and painted buildings being my number one favourite thing. The amazing views you get from hiking up alongside vintage trams a close second. It was also full of vibrant street art, churches and history. 

I can't explain why, but these were my favourite tiles

The view from the West side of Lisbon. We sat on a bench here drinking beer (him) and mojitos (me)

A lot of the tiles were falling off buildings and had a semi-derlict look about them. These types were the ones i loved the best. 
They seemed like true portuguese heritage sites to me. 


Lisbon was covered in bunting. I don't know if this is a summer thing or a Portuguese thing but I know I liked it. The tram on the right was from a project called 40 years 40 murals and the art covered the tram and the whole street.

A close second on favourite tile design.. 


This was inside a used book store. There was so much stuff, not just books. Photographs, stickers, typewriters, magazines, comics, postcards, bits of tile... 
I went three times because I loved it. It was a little sanctuary from all the hustle and bustle of city life but I didn't buy anything. I wanted to, but I didn't fall in love with anything. This surprised me but I didn't want to come back with a part of someone else's history that I wasn't head over heals about. 


Visiting Carmo Convent was beautiful, serene and fascinating. It was partially destroyed during the earthquake of 1755 and you can look around the ruins and the re constructed parts. It is fascinating to be inside the shell of a striking building and I thought the mirrors that were placed around to help you get the perfect angle were ingenious! There was also a local convent cat who seemed to live there :) 

Sao Cristovao! Again, lots more bunting. maybe there was a festival that I was just unaware of?!

In Sao Cristovao there was a side street here with a kooky little bar where we stopped for a rest and espresso. The walls all around the steps going down were full of graffitti and it was such a haven from the crazy tourist hot-spot of São Jorge castle, where we had just walked up to. I particularly took a shine to this mermaid who I think looks like Katy Perry (my queen). 

A day trip to Sintra. Sintra is about an hour out of city and is full of beautiful old buildings and forest. Very fairytale and I was very excited. However, what no one had mentioned were the absolute hoards of people also there. It was a complete tourist trap and it seemed that if you visited maybe in winter or even late autumn, there would be less people and you might be able to feel the magic from these old buildings but because of all the people and all the popcorn venders (these did make the air smell delicious though) it wasn't special to me. I did fall in love with this old house near the railway station though. Apparently I am not the only one though, because an instagram friend of mine posted an illustration  of it!! 

The view from Sintra, it was beautiful. 

And that was my end of summer holiday done. Now we're home it feels like I've been plunged into autumn and I'm doing my usual thing of trying really really hard to enjoy it. 



  1. This looks like it was a grand adventure, Jules! <3 I love those tiles!

  2. THE TILES!! They were so cool and all so different <3 xoxo

  3. I can't believe you went to that book store MORE THAN ONCE and bought NOTHING!! It looks like my idea of heaven right there! Beautiful tiles though, I'm sure you'd have enough for 100 days of tiles

    1. I know, I'm sorry! I tried really hard to buy something, honestly, but... Nope. You need to oragnise yourself a trip to Lisbon ASAP so you can find yourself some treasure :D I probably would have enough for 100 days of tiles... hmm.... ;)