Week 5!

All of my pages this week are made from either existing things I have cobbled together differently or pages I had started but never finished. I also have a strong female presence in these pages which I am seeing as my totem for this season - I put my wish for serenity into them.

That Moment When
- collage, washi tape, acrylic & marker pen

I wanted to document my number one serene moment. 
In bed, when you turn off all the lights and it's silent, cool, calm and you're about to drift off. I suffer from migraines and my love for this little piece of the day came after I was having a really bad time with them. Thankfully they seem to have lifted now but I still relish that tiny moment, every night. I used the acrylic to paint over the chaos of the collage to reflect this feeling of drifting and peace. 

Sea Serenity
- collage & felt tips

The ocean, the sea, salt water and waves. 
I've been holding onto this magazine illustration for ages and it seemed only right to put it into the season of serenity.

She May Be Little
- photoshop & felt tips

During the season of love, I created this felt tip rainbow around the Shakespeare quote "though she may be little, she is fierce" and felt it would perfectly fit into my drawing of this meditating girl. Meditation is something I struggle with (I am a keen yogi, after discovering how much it helped my aforementioned migraines!) I want to be able to drift off, be peaceful and still... sometimes I get it but mostly, I struggle. I wanted to create a piece that would help me persevere more so the aim is to be this Yogi girl. With rainbows and positivity flowing out of her! 

- magazine, highlighter & marker pen

Now, this isn't a get messy page but it (and the next one) just seemed to fit so nicely with my get messy pages this week, i thought why not include them in this post? I regularly take part in Courtney Pilgrims Make Your Mark monthly instagram challenge and this was from day 24 this month. I love a good magazine doodle and like the idea of the girl in this image shaking out all her toxins and negativity. In a way, an antidote to the positive Yogi above! 
Bad stuff out - good stuff in.

- photoshop & oil pastel 

Another make your mark August submission. This is one of my favorite digital pieces I have created in a long while. The background is created from scanned in oil pastel and the top is just a black photoshop layer and the eraser tool. Again, I just felt it sat cohesively with the season of serenity and would also like to urge anyone who is interested in daily doodle / art challenges to check Courtney's profile out! This month is extra special because it is in partnership with 
blue sky papers (dreamy sketchbooks) and at the end, a winner will be chosen to receive a free blue sky art journal... so here's hoping it's me! ;)

There are a whole host of us get messians dedicated to posting weekly, every Thursday. to see everyone elses pages, head over to the blog where we are all listed :) 


  1. That moment.. You're absolutely right! I really like the sea serenity :) Great pages!!!!

    1. Thanks Kate! I'm glad you share with me the joy of a dark room before sleep :) Ahhhhh <3