If you're not signed up to get messy, here's something you probably don't know. Each week a tutorial is shared on the blog for all members to see. 
This week, the tutorial centred around mood boards. 

I absolutely love creating mood boards, they were always my starting point for student projects and are actually quite a large part of my job but I haven't yet used them in my art journalling. Except if you count Pinterest ;)

I used this latest tutorial as a spring board to try a new technique I have seen around for a while but not yet tried my hand at. I call it "blocked out silhouette text" but am pretty confident a proper term for this exists!

I collected my mood board images from my good friend Pinterest and assembled them in an order that would be useful for me as I was creating my page. 
I put the main "aim" in the middle and then background ideas, text, fonts and colours around this. 

- chill out page by Tanyalee (chosen for the background watercolour effect)
- Rabbit by Rob Mc Clelland (This is the technique I want to try)
- Venuzaela houses from Pinterest (colour inspiration) 
- Storms envelope from Pinterest (Vintage Inspired)
- Vintage Postcard from flickr (Vintage Inspired)

And then it was time to create my page from these inspirations!

Give Freedom
- ink & photoshop

I'm really happy with my end result and even more impressed with how quickly I was able to do it. I think that creating the board before hand gave me a clear direction. This is predominately a Photoshop page but the background is from two previous art journal pages using ink, layered together. Writing inside of the birds was a challenge especially as I was using a tablet and needed to find a good pen replica... I think with more time I could concentrate on the writing and create text that nestles into the silhouette rather than the repeated scribble I have gone for here. Something to try out in the future! 

I think this might become a tried and tested form of digital journalling for me.. 


  1. this is amazing Julia. LOVE the birds (and of course the rabbit by Mathew Taylor Wilson)