We have hit the month mark in the season of serenity! 
Lets dive in... 

Loudness Quiets
- watercolour, ink, felt tip & stamps

This is from a quote I heard while watching the youtube video Letters to July. I love you tube to have as general background noise and senseless viewing among other things but the videos produced by Emily Diana Ruth are on another level and I find them so inspiring. This months video was guest created by Essie Button and it was this particular segment from it that really spoke to me and the season we are in currently. 

- acrylic, ink & collage 

This week I discovered a new technique and I love it. It's something that Caylee shared with the get messy community a while ago and I only just got around to trying it out. Mainly due to my lack of paint (I made my own colours here using white acrylic and coloured inks) rather than interest! 
The technique, that I have recently learned is called pallette painting, is a really cool way to create abstract patterns. 
You basically scoop some paint onto an old credit card and then drag it across your page. It creates a thin layer and can be quickly applied and repeated. I liked the effect I got from mine as well because they weren't properly mixed paints, you get a nice ombre within each swipe. I then collaged over the top of this pattern. I don't really know where my mind was at when I made this but I kinda like it. 

- watercolour

It is so rare that I create a page using only one medium but this one is 100% watercolour. I am also quite impressed with my roses. 
My drawing since starting the get messy program has improved hugely and I love my growing confidence in it. 
This page is in response to the flower duet piece of music. I googled the lyrics and found this part about roses entwined together quite poignant. Roses and the smell of rose always make me think of my mum as it is her favorite flower and I liked the connection that we are entwined together as mother and daughter. Sometimes in a thorny, suffocating relationship but ultimately to hold onto one another and to grow independently of the bond.


  1. Yep Mother Daughter relationships are intense sometimes. I love checking in on your Get Messy posts because you share a bit of your life and show some of your inspiration and of course because your pages are GREAT! Emily :)

    1. Aw, thank you Emily. That's the nicest comment... :) :) :)