This week for Get Messy we were asked to trawl the internet in search of art journal inspiration.
I found some absolute amazing pieces through the Get Messy Pinterest and have linked them all below, alongside the pages I created. 

Heavenly Way To Die
- watercolour, ink & pen 

Inspired by Sara's page from earlier on in this season - I love the splash of colour within a monochromatic background. 
I am usually all colour or all neutral so I enjoyed this new pace for me. 
I teamed the layout with a lyric from the Smiths. I thought it was a cool choice for our season of serenity. 
It's leaning on the macabre side of comfort, lust and faith which i am all about. 

Yellow Words
- tea stain, gouache, ink & collage 

I was looking on tumblr for 500 days of summer quotes, after completing the page above - because I am that cool. I wanted something to put around my little fierce me, a photo taken when I was in Kyoto and feeling pretty on top of the world. The quote I found and thought was incredibly fitting is about how we rely on other peoples words and feelings to describe ourselves and our situations, rather than thinking of something original. In the film the context is from greeting cards but I think it is even more fitting in our daily society. Why bother to think of something new when you can google away until you find the right one? Minimum effort for maximum reward, right? Even my searching on tumblr, to find this quote about stupid stranger quotes... it all fits in. 

Oh - and this page was inspired by Get Messy Creative Team member, Nina

Just A Girl
- gouache, collage, washi tape & marker pen

It's only now as I am writing it out that I am thinking I was feeling pretty angsty this week! These pages are an extension of the above, using the yellow highlight like Nina and again, using song lyrics to convey my feeling. I was obsessed with No Doubt when I was little - and I mean around 8-9 years old. I thought Gwen Stefani was the coolest person on the planet and modeled myself on her and her music videos. Looking back i don't know if this was a bit weird as all my friends were really into boy bands but she wrote pretty feminist lyrics so I'm sure it can only be a good thing ?! I wanted to put the ultra-girly cupcakes, pinks and florals as the background to emphasize the point of "Don't you think I know exactly who I am / This world is wanting me to hold your hand" 
Social pressures on women etc... !!!!

- watercolour, collage, stencil & marker pen

Oh stencil, how i have missed you. I remember in university when my tutor banned me from using stencils because I relied on them so much. 
It was a tough time but definitely pushed my boundaries! Anyway, the love is still there and sometimes you just gotta say it in stencil. 
This is my mission statement to the world. I am here to be bright, colorful and to colour outside of the lines. 
To think differently and to be unapologetically myself. Whilst designing good things. 

This page was inspired by the awesome Lauren. I have an art-journaller crush on her style so bad. 


  1. I always enjoy reading the story behind your pages ( as well as seeing them of course). Love your mission statement!

    1. Thanks Emily! Sometimes I think I ramble on a bit (I was made throughout art education to annotate everything I ever made) so it's nice to read this! :)

  2. Boom indeed! Julia, you are a creative force of nature! Xx

  3. Julia, it made my day to have inspired your stencil page - I love it! I think I might need to impose a similar stencil ban on myself haha :)

    1. Lauren, of course! I am fully obsessed with your work. Try the stencil ban, it's hard but fun! ;)