Week two of get messy season of serenity has got me all nostalgic... 

Take Me Outside
- Photoshop & collage 

I have spoken before about my undying love for my grandparents garden. It's the place I remember vividly and fondly as a child. Running around, building forts with my brother, picking fruit, sneaking off with the cats... I honestly had idyllic childhood summers there. It's a place where nothing bad happens and there's always something to see, find and do. Even now, when I visit my grandparents they take me on little walks around the garden to show me the flowers, wildlife (hedgehogs, pheasants, cats, birds) and produce. This simple line drawing in Photoshop conveys that feeling of change, growth and jungle that I feel when I am there. I layered a photograph of the garden with dictionary pages to draw over. I then printed this out and collaged on the birds and scraps of paper. 
These two latter things came in the mail for me last week from Caylee as part of our Get Messy Craft Swap and I couldn't resist using them! 
I think they add an extra element and I am always fond of mixing traditional art techniques with digital. 

Lets Play
- collage & marker pen 

There's something about childhood wonder and the way imagination is your key to everything. 
I used to get told of constantly at school for "staring out of windows" but I have always found the make-believe world to be so much more fascinating then our own. Daydreaming and creating crazy stories is something I have carried through into adulthood and for sure helps me maintain my creativity! No matter how often I am told to try and be more present, I always slip back into my imagination. It's something that makes me feel happy, secure and serene. 
Again, I delved into my little craft swap haul and used the tissue paper animals that Karen had sent to me ^_^

Colour Me Happy
- collage, ink & washi tape 

This page is again about imagination. I think if you could see people properly, you wouldn't see superficial features but you would see their souls and auras. 
I think I would look like this - alive and bright and full of colour! 

This season has taken me to places in my mind and has me creating pages I didn't expect. At first, it seemed a daunting title for a season but I think I'm finding my groove and am realising that MY serenity is as unique as the rest of me. 


  1. love the sentiments coming off your pages. There is a lot of wonder there and that is something that appeals to me

    1. Thanks V :) I think it's a theme I would like to carry through for this season xo

  2. I love the playfulness and joy that all that colour & whimsy is giving off. Your pages are always such an inspiration. I especially love the last one!