After a quick break, get messy is back with the season of serenity.
I felt like this would be a difficult season for me initially. I can't describe why, I just wasn't inspired when I first saw the season launch. Maybe I don't feel very serene in my life right now or maybe it's a bit too emotional for me? But - it's a challenge, as ever and I'm ready to jump in! 
Co-incidentally, I really enjoyed this weeks first set of prompts so maybe I was wrong after all... 

The meaning of serenity; the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.

- collage, gouache, marker pen & marbling

When I was little I read the books Noggin the Nog. Anyone else? 
I was absolutely in love with Nooka, the eskimo princess from the land of the midnight sun. 
(This is also where my bucket list destination of seeing the northern lights comes from ...) 
She was, in my mind at least, the coolest thing since Ariel. When we were prompted this week to find a goddess for ourselves, I knew I would be Nooka. 
Fierce, fearless and strong. I may not be all of these things all of the time but it's how I feel inside and the inner energy I draw on to be strong comes from that goddess inside of me. I just need to open the door where she sleeps and rise her up ! 

Shake it out
- felt tip & photoshop

This is a last minute addition to my work this week! I created this collage of existing work after a conversation with Vanessa. The prompts this week were set by her and as I was explaining to my Nooka Goddess piece, she spoke to me about Polar Bears being a massive role in the Inuits lives. I read up on this as V encouraged me to and found it fascinating! My particular favourite part is that 
"The Inuit believe that each human being has a spiritual essence ‘tarniq’ and a breath of life ‘arnirniq’, which are passed on to new human or animal bodies when somebody dies." This is a belief I share and have touched upon during this weeks themes as well.. When I talk about my inner goddess, and raising her up, it all realtes back to the inuits and the dances they would perform to contact the dead or the spirit world. 
Often when doing this they were believed to take on the form of a bear, so I like to think my bear here, and my goddess are as one, in my body and mind.

Home Sweet Home
- collage & felt tip 

A place of absolute serenity for me is home. I am lucky enough to have two homes. one up north with my boyfriend and one down south with my family. Sometimes it can be hard to distinguish and split myself into the two. I know who I am but I'm starting to struggle a little with who I identify with more.
 The Jules from back home who I know I'll always be or the Jules in her new city life. The same but different. These themes are something I explored a couple of weeks ago in my Find Your Voice Project and are probably all part of growing up, up and away.  

My Serenity
- collage, washi tape, felt tips & marker pen

Sleep, breakfast in bed, Love. These things, this room, is my serenity. 

No One Knows
- felt tips & photoshop 

I wish I had a religion. Or some sort of belief system in place because it must be beautiful and reassuring to 100% believe in a higher power.  
I believe in karma and I believe in re-incarnation. I believe we all have the same souls forever and I believe that good can turn bad and vice versa. But I don't believe that anyone knows why we are on this earth or how this earth was formed. I respect all beliefs systems because who am I or any of us, to judge?  Because of the lack of this, my turning point when I am in need of some spiritual healing is to turn to facts that I know to be true. We have an earth. We have the stars and the sun and the moon. I am part of something huge and I have no idea what any of it is about. That, gives me peace. 


  1. I loved reading about your thought processes behind the pages. You have a way of sharing yourself here which is so natural and open. The polar bear is page is my favourite and for some reason those feet in socks speak to me. I love home too!

    1. Thank You Emily :) It's taken me a while to get my own voice through writing so that's really nice to hear! The polar bear makes me happy because he's recycled from the season of brave :D And who doesn't love home and warm snuggly socks?! <3

  2. Julia. Straight to the heart, all of it, especially the last bit. You are so right, who are we to judge? x

  3. I love all of this, but I especially love your commentary on the last spread. And I think I need to learn about this Nooka! I am always looking for something new to read to my daughter, the tiny goddess that she is. xx

    1. Thanks Elizabeth, I was a little worried about writing something so personal to me and to others but so far I've only had positive reactions!!! Yes, you need to read nogging the nog to your daughter. I'm not too sure how prevalent Nooka really is, I just really loved her and built her up in my own mind. She also had a cool bird friend. Google it! :D