THE 100 DAY PROJECT | 2015

I took part in the 100 day project this year and this week we reached day 100. 
The project has one simple rule - post one thing every day around a theme of your choice, for 100 days in a row. My chosen theme was colour - or as I called it - Happy Colour! 
I have always been a colour enthusiast and this project just took it to a new level. I posted daily on instagram photographs of things I had seen, created or stumbled upon that looked happy and colourful to my eyes. 
This wasn't a big ask for me as I remark on colour all day long in real life but the main challenge was to capture things correctly. 
The way I see the world and the way a camera sees the world seem to be completely different! 
There are so many things I see that make my heart happy but taking a picture of them either just doesn't translate or is unattainable. I decided to take this as a good thing, as much as I love social media I like to have my life still outside of it. Overall I loved the project a lot and plan to take part again next year, preferably in a more demanding way as I think I went a bit easy on myself this time.  









A little selection of some of my favourite happy colours, if you want to see more, or all 100 (!) search for the tag #100daysofhappycolour on instagram. 



  1. I LOVE this idea - and well done for you to sticking to your theme! Colour is such a happy theme too :) Well done you! Sophie XXX

    1. Wow! Thanks Sophie! It was a great challenge :D