If you don't like repetition or pastel colours, this post is not for you... 

You're My Bucket List'
- marker pen & gouache

This was quite a different style for me. I'm not really a "lister" by nature and I also am not usually one for pastel colours... these came about because the only paint I have is white gouache and by mixing in some inks, I can create colour! Just not very bold colour. That being said, I really like the pages. I have used fingerprints as a design before and love that they are accompanying such a personal page here. I also really enjoyed painting my whole hand for the palm prints! My bucket list was quite an organic thing, I've never really thought about it much but there were a few things that sprang right to mind, such as  'go vegan' and 'run a marathon' and then there were others that kinda crept in, 'warm my stone heart' and 'write out my nans story'. This is what I like about get messy, it pushes you to create something different and almost always, I end up loving it! 

- gouache, ink, stencil & spray paint

This weeks prompts called for an abstract background and I was inspired by this pin. I created the effect with my white gouache and inks again and just waved them over the right hand page with a spatula. I then did the thing I love most in creating - folded the book and smushed it together! 
Once the background was dry, I spray painted over the stencil and marker pen drew over the words on the right. 

'What You Love' 
- marbled paper & collage

My absolute favorite from this week. 
The marbled background, the contrast with the brown paper, the inside of my stencil cut out... 
it's just perfection to my eyes. 

-spray paint on paper

The stencil! If I create a stencil, I like to re-use it often and also scan it at its different stages of 'life'. 
When I first created this page, I drew around the edges in an abstract geometric pattern and then when I spray painted the letters, it became this. 
I like the natural and organic nature of stencils for this diversity. 

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  1. I love these backgrounds! and I agree about get messy and trying out new things which after I've tried become my favourite :))

    1. Thanks Kate! It's such a great way to push yourself, right?! I'm excited to try more abstract backgrounds for next week too :D

  2. I love that this is a total departure from your usual style. I love how get messy pushes us to try new things and do something new

    1. I know, I feel like it's really different - I think it's all the pastel colours!

  3. Love, love, LOVE your bucket list pages! The full hand print and then the alternating pastel finger prints work so well. And isn't it funny when things you hadn't really even admitted to yourself creep out in a page like this? Great work. I've still to experiment with marbling but love the words you've chosen :D xx

    1. Thanks Rebecca!!! I am slowly, slowly becoming a more personal art journaller and it's nice, like you say, when things just seep out during a session :) Get marbling asap! It's so much fun :D

  4. YAY I have see the Northern lights on my bucket list as well. Such pretty marbling x

    1. Who wouldn't have that on their bucket list?! ;) Thank YOU for the tutorial :D