After a quick break, get messy is back with the season of serenity.
I felt like this would be a difficult season for me initially. I can't describe why, I just wasn't inspired when I first saw the season launch. Maybe I don't feel very serene in my life right now or maybe it's a bit too emotional for me? But - it's a challenge, as ever and I'm ready to jump in! 
Co-incidentally, I really enjoyed this weeks first set of prompts so maybe I was wrong after all... 

The meaning of serenity; the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.

- collage, gouache, marker pen & marbling

When I was little I read the books Noggin the Nog. Anyone else? 
I was absolutely in love with Nooka, the eskimo princess from the land of the midnight sun. 
(This is also where my bucket list destination of seeing the northern lights comes from ...) 
She was, in my mind at least, the coolest thing since Ariel. When we were prompted this week to find a goddess for ourselves, I knew I would be Nooka. 
Fierce, fearless and strong. I may not be all of these things all of the time but it's how I feel inside and the inner energy I draw on to be strong comes from that goddess inside of me. I just need to open the door where she sleeps and rise her up ! 

Shake it out
- felt tip & photoshop

This is a last minute addition to my work this week! I created this collage of existing work after a conversation with Vanessa. The prompts this week were set by her and as I was explaining to my Nooka Goddess piece, she spoke to me about Polar Bears being a massive role in the Inuits lives. I read up on this as V encouraged me to and found it fascinating! My particular favourite part is that 
"The Inuit believe that each human being has a spiritual essence ‘tarniq’ and a breath of life ‘arnirniq’, which are passed on to new human or animal bodies when somebody dies." This is a belief I share and have touched upon during this weeks themes as well.. When I talk about my inner goddess, and raising her up, it all realtes back to the inuits and the dances they would perform to contact the dead or the spirit world. 
Often when doing this they were believed to take on the form of a bear, so I like to think my bear here, and my goddess are as one, in my body and mind.

Home Sweet Home
- collage & felt tip 

A place of absolute serenity for me is home. I am lucky enough to have two homes. one up north with my boyfriend and one down south with my family. Sometimes it can be hard to distinguish and split myself into the two. I know who I am but I'm starting to struggle a little with who I identify with more.
 The Jules from back home who I know I'll always be or the Jules in her new city life. The same but different. These themes are something I explored a couple of weeks ago in my Find Your Voice Project and are probably all part of growing up, up and away.  

My Serenity
- collage, washi tape, felt tips & marker pen

Sleep, breakfast in bed, Love. These things, this room, is my serenity. 

No One Knows
- felt tips & photoshop 

I wish I had a religion. Or some sort of belief system in place because it must be beautiful and reassuring to 100% believe in a higher power.  
I believe in karma and I believe in re-incarnation. I believe we all have the same souls forever and I believe that good can turn bad and vice versa. But I don't believe that anyone knows why we are on this earth or how this earth was formed. I respect all beliefs systems because who am I or any of us, to judge?  Because of the lack of this, my turning point when I am in need of some spiritual healing is to turn to facts that I know to be true. We have an earth. We have the stars and the sun and the moon. I am part of something huge and I have no idea what any of it is about. That, gives me peace. 

THE 100 DAY PROJECT | 2015

I took part in the 100 day project this year and this week we reached day 100. 
The project has one simple rule - post one thing every day around a theme of your choice, for 100 days in a row. My chosen theme was colour - or as I called it - Happy Colour! 
I have always been a colour enthusiast and this project just took it to a new level. I posted daily on instagram photographs of things I had seen, created or stumbled upon that looked happy and colourful to my eyes. 
This wasn't a big ask for me as I remark on colour all day long in real life but the main challenge was to capture things correctly. 
The way I see the world and the way a camera sees the world seem to be completely different! 
There are so many things I see that make my heart happy but taking a picture of them either just doesn't translate or is unattainable. I decided to take this as a good thing, as much as I love social media I like to have my life still outside of it. Overall I loved the project a lot and plan to take part again next year, preferably in a more demanding way as I think I went a bit easy on myself this time.  









A little selection of some of my favourite happy colours, if you want to see more, or all 100 (!) search for the tag #100daysofhappycolour on instagram. 



It's the end of another season of get messy art journal. 
The season of adventure has been one of my favourites and I'm excited to see what we have in store for our next season! If you are thinking about joining the group, now is a perfect time to start fresh for the new season which will commence 23rd July.  

This week I exclusively used no paint, ink or watercolour - this wasn't a conscious decision, it just sort of happened.... 
So, much like last week, my pages look a little bit different to my usual style but I really do love them. 
Collage may of been the first artistic thing I was aware that I was good at, that wasn't drawing (!) so I am always happy to be back focused on that medium, 
and totally in my comfort zone. 

'Like Nothing Else'
- collage, stitch & Photoshop

I was listening to the new song from the Maccabees (my musical one true love) when I created this page - which is kinda like a cheat page... The stitching and the tree and basically the whole thing except a little collaged background element, I created in my second year of uni. I knew once I read this weeks prompts that this page would work perfectly. 
It's about your family (tree) and how even though you are the same as your family and will always have your roots, you want to and should strive to be like nothing else. 
To be just singularly, happily, comfortably, weirdly,  YOU

'To Be Loved'

- collage, washi tape & felt tips

During this summer the Creative Team for Get Messy are guest hosting the groups Instagram account! Last week was Nina's turn and she featured a giveaway of these letters. I think they originally read out a poem but someone cut up the letters and I never saw it complete again (!) I wanted to do something with them but wasn't sure what, until I made this page. I can't really explain it, it's quite a personal page, so I felt very calm when creating it but have no idea really what my point was. Ever happen to anyone else?! I think it's about acceptance, love and growing old. Wanting to be loved just for you, no material aspects involved or pressures. Just true, pure love. 

And that's what everyone wants, right? Especially from family. 

'Northern Lights'
- ink, felt tips & marker pen

During last weeks prompts we were challenged to create a poem around our bucket list.

 I was scared but also equally determined so this week I managed to write something out! 
It's about the northern lights - totally on my bucket list - and it doesn't really make sense. 
But that's poetry.
Right ?! 

'No Regrets'

- collage, marker pen & Photoshop

Again, using up my freebie supply! The letters are again from Nina's giveaway and the images are from a flickr account that Caylee shared a few months ago with the Get Messy group. Although I can't remember the page where she found them, so that's pretty useless information. 

Anyway, these pages came from the prompt we had this week about up. 
Once you get past the emotional roller coaster that is the first five minutes of the film, it's great! 
I couldn't quite put my finger on where I would go, as my own version of paradise falls but I decided that I would go there myself. 
I have never really ever had a solo adventure and I think I would enjoy it! 
So; YES go now - and have no regrets ! 

And with that, it's the end of the season :( 

Check out all the other amazing get messians on this weeks link up on the blog and thanks for reading! 


If you don't like repetition or pastel colours, this post is not for you... 

You're My Bucket List'
- marker pen & gouache

This was quite a different style for me. I'm not really a "lister" by nature and I also am not usually one for pastel colours... these came about because the only paint I have is white gouache and by mixing in some inks, I can create colour! Just not very bold colour. That being said, I really like the pages. I have used fingerprints as a design before and love that they are accompanying such a personal page here. I also really enjoyed painting my whole hand for the palm prints! My bucket list was quite an organic thing, I've never really thought about it much but there were a few things that sprang right to mind, such as  'go vegan' and 'run a marathon' and then there were others that kinda crept in, 'warm my stone heart' and 'write out my nans story'. This is what I like about get messy, it pushes you to create something different and almost always, I end up loving it! 

- gouache, ink, stencil & spray paint

This weeks prompts called for an abstract background and I was inspired by this pin. I created the effect with my white gouache and inks again and just waved them over the right hand page with a spatula. I then did the thing I love most in creating - folded the book and smushed it together! 
Once the background was dry, I spray painted over the stencil and marker pen drew over the words on the right. 

'What You Love' 
- marbled paper & collage

My absolute favorite from this week. 
The marbled background, the contrast with the brown paper, the inside of my stencil cut out... 
it's just perfection to my eyes. 

-spray paint on paper

The stencil! If I create a stencil, I like to re-use it often and also scan it at its different stages of 'life'. 
When I first created this page, I drew around the edges in an abstract geometric pattern and then when I spray painted the letters, it became this. 
I like the natural and organic nature of stencils for this diversity. 

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