This week for get messy our prompts were based around the theme of our own adventures.. 
what we have done in our lives that we would class as adventurous and what we would never do - the adventure that doesn't appeal.  


When i first saw the prompts, I was kinda stumped..
So I created this 'standard' adventure page to try and get my creativity moving!

Somebody Else
- ink, stitch, collage & photoshop

This page is a mis-mash of an old college piece I found (the stitched ink splashed fabric) a magazine image - also incredibly old and a project life card. 
The quote written on the PL card is something my granddad said to me recently, and it resonated deeply. 
It is something I need to remember when I feel guilty - especially about living far away from my family back home. 
Moving away - for me - was never a hard decision until I felt I needed to be home more and this is where the quote comes from. 
You cant live your life for anyone but you - you can't always prepare for the worst and what would life be if you did?!

Tutti Frutti 
- collage, watercolour, felt tip & photoshop

Youth, rebellion, adventure, lust, adrenaline... 
being a teenager were the best and worst years of my life and thinking back now it seems to be all rolled into one glorious summer !


  1. I always love your paper collages! They inspire me!! I think I need more magazines :))

  2. Your pages are all beautiful! You always seem to find the right balance of found images and hand drawn elements. Perfection!

  3. Julia! What you said about your teenage years...YES. I love that you have such cool titles for your spreads too

  4. The fullness of your pages always pleases my eyes, I think I'd like try a Julia inspired page.Great idea to start with a "standard" adventure page too! :)

  5. I love your collages so much detail & so well balanced, I must agree with Kate I definitely need more magazines!

  6. Love the giraffe page!!! Xx