This week marks a month into the season of adventure with get messy and I am still going on about visiting Japan! 
It's the magic combination of an amazing experience and the right themes all at once... 

My pages this week were both created in a flurry, in about an hour. They were also the only two pages I made this week. 
This is unusual for me as I usually create in batches and spend a good few hours immersed in all of my crafty glory (mess). 
Even though the way I created this week was weird for me, I am really happy with my finished results and didn't feel the need to push myself further for either prompt - which is a nice satisfying feeling! 

- scrap paper, washi tape, magazine, photoshop, stamp & handwriting

As promised - a page on Japan! These pages were made from random washi strips, magazine, spray painted paper, my little sushi man stamp and my own handwriting. I like the eclectic feel and the busyness of it all - very Tokyo!!! It is actually one of my favourite pages I have created this season - even though it is basically a big scrap heap ;)

It doesn't matter where I go 
- magazine, spray paint, paper & handwriting

This image and washi is something unfinished that I have had for such a long time. The image is from a university magazine and the washi tape I added from my haul in Japan (clang). I knew it would be a great image for the season of adventure and I love it so much I am actually considering putting it up somewhere in my house! Even though the quote doesnt really read of a happy home sentiment... 

Somewhere I don't know 
- magazine, spray paint, paper & handwriting

One of our prompts this week was to express ourselves in poetry. This is the kind of prompt that makes me come out in a rash (!) I've mentioned before my dyslexia, and general fear of words and numbers so it took a big bit of confidence to tackle this task. All I could come up with was a small rhyming (ish) sentence that although I really like and am happy with - I think I could of dug a little deeper. This will be my mission for next week! 


Going to Japan last month was a huge bucket-list deal for me and I want to document the experience as best I can. 
I am always super envious of organised people who write about their experiences, create photo albums and note down every detail. 
I am going to start a small series here on my blog to force myself to memory keep and also to keep reveling in the fact THAT IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED (!!!!) 

As a creative person, I knew that one of the things I would love the most about Japan would be their attitude to crafts. 
They take stationery love to a whole new level and I was completely at home in the huge department stores dedicated to paper, stamps and washi tape - 
LOFT was my absolute, complete favourite and I think everything featured in this post came from there! 

It was so difficult not to buy every single thing and I think I was pretty restrained all in all... 

1 & 2: Wherever I go in the world, I buy a copy of Elle & Vogue magazine. I have a growing collection which is such a nightmare to store and to move but, it's the only thing I really collect and I quite like the tradition of it. 
The coolest thing about these is that they open backwards to western magazines! 

3: The middle aged panda was one of my favorite cartoon discoveries whilst we were in Tokyo! He has a comb over and everything! Ahh! 
I just loved him so I brought this notepad and it makes me smile every time I write out boring lists like shopping etc... 

4. I had been using basically scraps of paper before I went to Japan because I knew that I would find the nicest notebooks there and I wasn't disappointed. 
I'm  not too sure what to use this absolute beauty for, it seems too nice to take to work! But the fact that it has yellow paper and then dotted paper just makes my life. 
I also love the small size and just everything there is to love about a notebook - it ticks all the boxes for me! 

5. Ah, washi tapes and stamps.... I think that all my friends think I am insane for getting so excited over masking tape but IT IS AMAZING... right?! 
The colours, the patterns, the different edges... and then the stamps. 
Ok, I wanted to get a classic Japanese one - hello sushi man ;) and the others I just kinda found.. the cat was an obvious winner as was the strawberry and the flowers but I'm not too sure what came over me with the radish stamp! 
This is what japan will do to you people! You think you're a normal, functioning person and then you realise you just cannot leave until you own a small radish stamp. 

6. The nicest notebook ever. Fact. 
This notebook has orange paper (part of being dyslexic means I find it much easier to read black on colour than I do black on white - the letters all move around and merge and I can't focus) 
so I loved it straight from the start. It also is the softest paper ever, writing on it is a dream. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my stationery that I picked up in Japan - 
this post is actually a collaboration with my fellow get-messian Karen 
she will be blogging about her Copenhagen craft haul that she picked up a few years ago so give her post a read ........!
And let me know if you want to see more Japanese posts!!


This week for get messy our prompts were based around the theme of our own adventures.. 
what we have done in our lives that we would class as adventurous and what we would never do - the adventure that doesn't appeal.  


When i first saw the prompts, I was kinda stumped..
So I created this 'standard' adventure page to try and get my creativity moving!

Somebody Else
- ink, stitch, collage & photoshop

This page is a mis-mash of an old college piece I found (the stitched ink splashed fabric) a magazine image - also incredibly old and a project life card. 
The quote written on the PL card is something my granddad said to me recently, and it resonated deeply. 
It is something I need to remember when I feel guilty - especially about living far away from my family back home. 
Moving away - for me - was never a hard decision until I felt I needed to be home more and this is where the quote comes from. 
You cant live your life for anyone but you - you can't always prepare for the worst and what would life be if you did?!

Tutti Frutti 
- collage, watercolour, felt tip & photoshop

Youth, rebellion, adventure, lust, adrenaline... 
being a teenager were the best and worst years of my life and thinking back now it seems to be all rolled into one glorious summer !


This week marks a new season with get messy art journal - the season of adventure!

It is perfectly timed for me as I have just gotten back from my own Japanese adventure and have a TON of things to put into my travel journal. 

I'm not sure if I will intertwine the two, or if they will co-exist separately, but I'm sure this get messy season will help inspire me to hold on to those memories.. and get planning future travels! 

The first images I created are a combined little 'mini series'. Our prompt was to focus on a place and word and I thought of when I was in Kyoto last month... I just had this huge sense of wonder about the place. 
It was awe inspiring and so unbelievably beautiful, tranquil and unlike anywhere I have ever been before. I knew my word would be 'wonder' but I also wanted to couple it with 'wander'. 

I like the two together; wonder/wander as they kind of lead on from one another and both speak of adventure, travel and feeling.

Paper Crane Wander
- transfer, scan, washi tape, photoshop & origami

The start of this page came from me trying to transfer an image using PVA and water.
It kinddda worked but not really well enough, so i merged it with my restless model and added the paper cranes as I scanned it in.
These cranes have been with me since 2007 (!) when I did a uni project based on Sadako Sasaki- if you don't know this story, look into it, it's beautiful.
I couldn't get the hang of origami but my friend picked it up real quick and ended up making me loads of paper cranes to present the project with.
These three are all I have left and I treasure them.
They recently came back into my life as I picked up some of my old uni work last time I visited my parents. 
Adding the 'wander' seemed fitting as the cranes are for freedom, hope and wishes. 

'Kyoto Dreaming'
- Photography, washi tape, stamps & photoshop

I knew that I wanted an actual photograph of Kyoto to be part of this weeks prompts.
Using photography in my art journalling isn't natural to me and leans towards a more personal journal, which I am trying to create. 
This picture is so perfect to represent my time in Kyoto that I wasn't sure how I could enhance it. 
I ended up scanning in some of my flower stampings (brought the stamps in Japan - naturally) and collaging them across the trees.
I am pretty in love with the effect as you have to almost look twice to see that they're not real!

- washi tape, scan, collage, gouache & photoshop

This is a typical 'Julia' art page to me! All the layers, colours and patterns are what comes naturally to me.
I like how this image is a bit of an assault on the senses - again, this is what Japan, Tokyo, in particular was like!
Overwhelming and exuberant!