So this is the end of our season of brave with get messy art journal. I have really enjoyed this season and found it more challenging than the previous (love) which in my eyes can only be a good thing! 

This weeks pages all focus around the idea of reflection and what I (and others) have done in the past, to help my (our) future self. 

- ink, bleach & marker pen

'Sum of all parts'
- collage, marker pen & photoshop

I wanted to make a good, bold, stand out page and this quote came to me as I was collaging the background.

Its meaning is: the idea that the total effectiveness of a group of things each interacting with one another is different or greater than their effectiveness when acting in isolation from one another.
This just made sense to me and the art-journalling community I have found through get messy 

'Take a trip'
- collage, stitch, ink, felt tips & marker pen

These pages are dedicated to me moving away for uni and creating my own career path in design.. onward and upwards I go up that ladder!
Side note: I actually stitched this girl at some point during my degree but could never find a home for her.. until now :)
It's things like this that make my heart happy 

- collage, gouache, marker pen & photoshop

Sometimes art journalling is like therapy, this is one of those times
I incorporated a previous prompt challenge of using a household item for these pages. 
The yellow and white gouache is applied by placing paper over the paint and scoring with a fork, 
to get the lines, that kinda look like a sun beam. 

- collage & photoshop

After reading an article about Tove Jansson's life (creator of the moomins) I wanted to create a page for her.
I liked the layering here, it sits well with the vintage photograph and the eyes signify wisdom.

''It is simply this: do not tire, never lose interest, never grow indifferent—lose your invaluable curiosity and you let yourself die. It's as simple as that.''

Get Messy will be back for a new season the beginning of June so if you haven't already signed up... give it a go! :D 


  1. I love your bold style!

    I'm sad this is the end of the Brave season- I've really enjoyed this one. :)

    1. Thanks Katie! I'm sad for the season to be over too, it took me a while but I got really into it towards the end. So ready for a bit of adventure though! :D

  2. The stitched girl with a ladder is awesome!

  3. Really stunning pages. So diverse and I love your words. My fav is 'FREE' x

    1. Thanks so much Rebecca :) Words are the toughest part for me so that means a lot :)