Our latest prompt in the get messy art journal programme was to create a Zine. This was a great prompt for me - something completely new and out of my usual comfort zone (hello, season of brave). I also went further out of my comfort zone by joining up with the wonder woman that is Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd. We have decided to create our zines both individually and then send a copy of each respective zine to the other, to add and expand to! I'm so excited to do this (my first ever art collab!) and to see what response Vanessa will have to my zine and how I can add to hers.... 

An overview of my pages and layout.
I focused my zine on the people in my life and their spirit animals.
Each one brave and unique



me and Vanessa will be sharing our take on one another zines, once they've made to each of us :) I kind of got carried away and finished mine so I'm sending her a finished folded one and the pages loosely as well for a bit more freedom.. I cant wait to see what she comes up with! Find her on her blog or instagram and guarenteed, you'll become as obsessed with her work as I am :)