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My first pages for the current season of Get Messy - Story - were all made in a hotel room, whilst I was in Chicago for a work trip. I had a great day out with a friend and fellow get messian, Katie. We went to the art institute of Chicago and then onto Blicks art store! I brought all of these cool new art supplies that I just couldn't wait to try out. So me, jet lag and my new art supplies spent an evening with MTV, just creating and playing

New supplies - neo color crayons, coloured pencils and a new set of tombows (my favourite)

I think I heard this on a show or advert and loved the dramatic nature of it!


Get Messy Art Journal is an art journaling program/community. We are a group of like minded art journalers who have come together under this art form to learn, share, practice our skills and push past our creative limits with hopes to inspire. Our community values consistent creating, encouragement and support and trying new things. My blog contains affiliate links to Get Messy Art Journal. This means that when you purchase a yearly membership or class using links in my post, I receive a small percentage. We would love to have you join us as a member of Get Messy Art Journal so Join Get Messy now! " 


At the end of April, Mark and I spent a week inter railing through Eastern Europe. It was a great adventure and a cool (as well as pretty cheap!) way to see new places. This post is a rough itinerary of where we went and what we did with my thoughts on each place we visited.

I created a 1SE (1 second every day) video of our adventure too. After making one for our latest visit to Japan, I had well and truly fallen for the format! It is such an interesting way to document moments...

Our first stop was Budapest and we arrived to a glorious sunny city. Budapest was a place I had wanted to visit for many years and it did not disappoint! Highlights being; the ruin bars, street art everywhere and the cemetery we visited on our last day. We stayed in the heart of the Jewish quarter and didn't feel the need to venture further than it.



Vienna was a surprise as it turned out to be our favourite destination. Architecturally stunning, impeccably well kept and the most decadent pastries on every corner.

From Vienna we took a day trip to Bratislava. It was like walking into a fairy tale land directed by Wes Anderson. Turrets, pastels and cobbled streets..!

Once I had gotten over all of the "LADS OF PRAGUE" I really enjoyed the city. It was probably the most historically stunning of all the places we visited, but also the most touristic - especially with British stag parties. I would suggest avoiding the old town (yes, beautiful but also full of massage parlours and dirt cheap alcohol) and concentrate on the other areas of the city. We stayed next to Cafe Central which was a great little spot near the park and bridges.  


My upcoming adventures include both the USA and Europe! I will post snippets of the trips on Instagram and full overviews on my blog. For more travel info and inspiration, check out my travel tag here


May was a strange month as it has signaled the upcoming end of this project for me. My last portrait will be on 1st August which is not far away at all now! I have all my upcoming portraits planned out so I'm in a fun place of just getting creative with each new one



My name and I have a strong bond. I love it, I always have. I love that it's internationally recognizable but also not too common. I love the way it sounds and how it looks written down. I love that it was chosen from a song (by the Beatles; my dad's choice) and I love Jules, my shortened northern nickname. I found Julia an awkwardly beautiful name as a teenager and growing into it, owning it, makes me feel like I am who I was meant to be. 

I had this portrait subject planned for a while so couldn't resist staging it at the John Lennon Peace Wall when I saw my name among the graffiti! 🎨



Describing your own style is a hard thing to pinpoint. I know the things I am attracted to and I know the things that suit me and what I feel most comfortable in, but putting that into words or even a picture is tough! I was always an eclectic dresser, even as a child. I modeled myself off Clarissa explains it all but my parents often referred to me (somewhat rudely) as dressing like a ragamuffin. Then once I got into my teens and the Emo scene was going strong, there was no stopping me! I found that I expressed myself best through my weirdly layered colorful clothes and ever changing hair. As an adult, I’d like to think I still adhere to that slightly different sense of style... I’ve never stopped wearing vintage scarfs, oversized cardigans or playful sunglasses. I feel somewhat caught between wanting to wear everything and anything or curating the perfect minimal capsule wardrobe!


Twin Fire Signs
 I am a Leo and a Dragon - twin fire signs (is this what also makes me a Slytherin?!) I have all the fire, passion, loyalty, pride and drive that comes with this. But also the ego, stubbornness and fiery anger. The sun is my ruler, I bask and shine in it's presence and if every day was a summers day, I'd be my brightest self


Twin Fire Signs
It's a long standing joke in my family that I have a black, cold, reptilian stone heart. I can be cold, possibly a bit unsympathetic, definitely blunt and I openly love animals much more than people. But, when I do love, I love fully and fiercely. Deep in my ash charred soul are glowing embers for my nearest and dearest 💘


You can follow my progress with this year long challenge on Instagram under the tag - #julias52portraits


"52 portraits is a photography course in self discovery by Vanessa and is hosted through Get Messy Art Journal whom I am an affiliate for. The course is a year long journey in using photography and words to turn your reflection inward and capture who you are at this phase in your life."


The 100 day project is just over half way finished and I can't quite believe the wealth of work I have already produced. I have found this years project to be a real challenge and fun adventure. Throughout the project I am trying to grow my abstract art practice as well as nurture my own style and of course, allow for experimentation and play!

All of my pieces from the 100 day project are available for purchase! Please comment or message me if you are interested in any of the pieces in this blog post (I have noted the ones below that already have been brought)

 * purchased*
 * purchased* 

  * purchased*

 * purchased* 

It's amazing to think I am just over half way and my collection is already so big and varied!

I'll be posting again at the end of the 100 days to share with you my favourite pieces from the project