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Our latest zine is one I had been wanting to create for a while - centred around a theme of women's health. 
Named "check yourself!" it was made especially for Debbie

Original Zine Squad: Katie, Vanessa & Myself
Guest Ziner: Cindy

- collage, felt tips

Sometimes as a women, you can feel vilianised or penislised for owning your own body and health. This double spread is exploring that idea, and fighting back!

Cheer Up
- collage, washi tape, sharpies, marker pen

Check yourself - attitude edition!

The text is mine, the rest all Katie, so dreamy

Front cover by Vanessa, extra washi strips added by me


You can find all of our other zines here and to see sneak peeks and progress shots, follow @zinesquad on instagram!


We are almost at the end of our nature season with Get Messy. I have compiled the latest two weeks of the season into this one post - I really got back into journals for these pieces, as well as using ALL.THE.COLOURS 

Saturn Return
glimmer medium, ink, watercolour

I was reading about Saturn returns and the effects they can have in your life - usually a period of change or unrest - when I discovered that mine was actually last October/November. This was around the time that I decided to really throw myself into creating abstract art work... a coincidence?!

All Over
felt tips, ink, watercolour

I love this piece. It is so chaotic and full!

Change the way I feel
felt tips, ink, watercolour

Made in the same way of the above piece, I worked my way around each medium left out on my desk from another creative endeavour. I love how the colours and pattern are unintentional but still works


felt tips

Sometimes meditative mark making like this is all I want to do - it is especially a nice antidote to all the free flowing inky work of late!

I am fire
- oil pastel, felt tip, ink

My element is fire - I am a twin fire sign  - leo and dragon!

 more details... 

Get Messy Art Journal is an art journaling program/community. We are a group of like minded art journalers who have come together under this art form to learn, share, practice our skills and push past our creative limits with hopes to inspire. Our community values consistent creating, encouragement and support and trying new things. My blog contains affiliate links to Get Messy Art Journal. This means that when you purchase a yearly membership or class using links in my post, I receive a small percentage. We would love to have you join us as a member of Get Messy Art Journal so Join Get Messy now! " 


December is over and so are 4x more portraits! 

You can follow my weekly progress (I post a new portrait every Sunday) on Instagram under the tag - #julias52portraits


Our Team

Meet my team, festive monopoly friday night edition. I may not be big on marriage (that's a separate portrait!) but I love having these guys around me always



I like to cocoon myself in blankets, duvets and baggy clothes whenever I am not feeling great; ill, low self esteem, bad day, when I'm cold or have a headache or just feel meh… cocooning solves all and any problem for me! It’s one of the few things I enjoy about winter; being swaddled and comforted by layers of softness, being warmed back up



I am totally a summer baby and not a fan of winter at all. No light, no colour, no sunshine... It's the worst! But - I can get on board with the smell of spruce, warm fires, homely food, and the clothes; hats, scarfs, mittens galore!



Wearing makeup fascinates me. It’s something I do almost every day and have done since I was a teenager. When my acne was at its worse, I wouldn’t leave the house without it and the confidence it brought me was invaluable. As I get older though, I am pushing my makeup comfort zone more. I often go to work without it. I never travel with it on. I wonder why I do it and why most men don’t. Why is it a feminine trait to change and distort our appearance?


"52 portraits is a photography course in self discovery by Vanessa and is hosted through Get Messy Art Journal whom I am an affiliate for. The course is a year long journey in using photography and words to turn your reflection inward and capture who you are at this phase in your life. Learn more and join the course here"


The collab journals that I started this summer are starting to become final, completed bodies of work. It is so cool to see what they have become and to own some amazing original artwork, as well as to have my own work in the homes of my friends and contemporaries. 

Today, I am sharing two journals; one complete and one half finished...







This past Christmas I was lucky enough to receive quite a few art tools - some I have had before and others that are completely unknown or new to me....



I really love oil pastels but can't say I have ever warmed to chalk. I remember briefly using them in some life drawing classes when I was a student but I never got that into them. My friend gifted me this beautiful set though, so I want to try them out! The spectrum of colours is obviously amazing and they seem pretty well pigmented for chalk too. I will try and find some tutorials for ideas but one already suggested to me has been to use the chalky dust almost as a paint and mix with water. This blows my mind and I can't wait to try it out!


These are beautifully rich markers from my favourite brand, Winsor and Newton. Dual tipped with a thin and thick side, they have such rich colouration and create a lovely semi-rough line


I love my metallic sharpies and these dual nibbed metallic markers from Winsor and Newton and the next level up from that. I especially love the non-standard metallic green and blue


For my birthday last year, I was given the yellow neon ink from Quill. I loved it SO MUCH that I was pretty devastated when I knocked it over and spilt the remains all over my desk. I put this trio of neon on my Christmas list and cannot wait to get back into using neon in every thing I make!


I really love the Winsor and Newton inks, they're the only inks I've ever tried! I already have the large gold pot so the mini version plus a silver is a welcome edition to my art set


I don't currently use a medium to prep or finish my pages, so I am interested in this iridescent version. You can't see it well on this image but it does add a subtle shimmer to ink - both under and over


I have always wanted to try masking fluid so am so eager to get creating with this!

Some celebratory new year pieces made with a few new additions! 


If you have any tips or tricks for me to try with my new art tools, please let me know in the comments below