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During the 2019 festive period and the beginning of the new year, I took the opportunity of writing cards and gift labels to practise my calligraphy skills. I am growing in confidence with this new skill and enjoying adding in colour pops and illustrative elements! 

Mixing in song lyrics, events and dates



This post is somewhat slightly belated (!) But I guess better late than never?! 

Last winter, I had a rather creative and fun festive period. It feels like forever ago now but I wanted to post the memories and pictures here on my blog, as a way of remembering and preserving that moment in time. 

I found some time during the festive period to play around and create some new abstract pieces

There is just something about watching Christmas films and drawing festive scenes... 

Is it even Christmas time without a wreath making workshop?! I attended one ran by Tasha at Flavour like fancy and had a great time eating mince pies, drinking mulled wine and crafting a foliage full wreath for my home. 

This year I was introduced to white chocolate icing in a tube and gold edible paint, need I say anymore?! A fun afternoon with friends and babies baking gingerbread and icing them during nap times..! 



A few months ago now, when Taylor Swift released her Lover album and all swifties got suitably excited (myself included) a new art collab was born!

Vanessa and I have worked on many collabs over the years, from the zine squad to smaller pieces but it had been a while since our last tango. It felt so good to be creating with someone again, especially an old friend like V.

We both were so inspired by the Lover albums lyrics that they were the focus of our respective zines. We each started a zine and leaving it unfinished, sent them across to each other. With Vanessa living in Shanghai and myself in the U.K it took a while but we are now ready to share our Lover inspired zines!

Make sure to visit Vanessa's blog to see more images of this fun collab!



A little something different from me today....

I have been practising the art of calligraphy! And wow, is it something that takes patience and concentration. I was given this book last Christmas and after being slightly intimidated by it for almost a year.... I began to get my teeth into the wonderful world of calligraphy.

I knew it would be difficult and completely out of my comfort zone but I didn't anticipate how meditative or addictive it would be!

Adding little illustrations and washes of colour has made each piece feel more like "me". Giving me the abstract and free side to art that I missed when solely focusing on the lettering. 

Once I had filled in a bit of the book (it comes with test pages so you can try out different lettering styles and joining techniques) I felt at a bit of a loss for what to write next. 

I was watching the latest season of Abstract on Netflix and decided to start noting down my favourite quotes from the show. My plan is to use these words as practice runs for my calligraphy.

And then also the change into Autumn was happening and that gave me a fair amount of inspiration too!



2019 was my fourth year taking part in Inktober, a month-long art challenge that flows from the 1st to 31st October. As in previous years, I responded to each prompt in an abstract way and followed the official list.  

I used a mix of drawing inks and felt tips for this year's challenge. As a mixed media artist, I find focusing on one medium one of the hardest parts of the Inktober month!

A few of the pieces from this Inktober series available to buy, you can find them listed in my Etsy store here 


 01. Ring

  02. Mindless

 03. Bait

  04. Freeze

  05. Build

06. Husky

07. Enchanted

08. Frail

09. Swing

10. Pattern

11. Snow

12. Dragon

13. Ash

14. Overgrown

15. Legend

16. Wild

17. Ornament

18. Misfit

19. Sling

20. Tread

21. Treasure

 22. Ghost

23. Ancient

24. Dizzy

25. Tasty

 26. Dark

27. Coat

28. Ride

29. Injured

30. Catch

31. Ripe