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One of my favourite things about having a baby is storytime. I loved books as a kid and can't wait to share that joy and imagination with Liam! Around 4 months of age, he started somewhat engaging with books and I wanted to use them as a simple tool for him. Alongside classic and fun stories, I think it's a great way to learn about things in your world (hello I am a visual learner!). I looked for a book that would simply document a lot of everyday items but couldn't quite find what I was looking for. So after a few weeks of searching, I decided to create one for him myself. It was actually a really fun little project, I am currently working up the courage to draw volume 2.... with more animals!




I have seriously neglected this online space recently, growing a human and then figuring out how to look after it is quite the creative drain! 

I wanted to try and artistically document my pregnancy and entry into new motherhood but the reality was that I either didn't have the energy to do anything, or when I was able to get some creative time in I just let myself do whatever I felt.. rather than forcing it to relate back to my current life. It's actually been a great release!

So, what have I been up to.... 


36 days of type

About a month after Liam was born, I joined in with this online challenge. You can read more about my series here and here

flavour like fancy

A new independent store opened up in my local neighbourhood and is stocking some of my art! It is super exciting to see it displayed amongst such other cool indie makers, and even better to see what pieces are going off to new homes

sharpie series

I found that having a small baby and being creative comes easier when you can create on a whim. I started to leave my sketchbook and sharpie markers around the house and whenever I got a moment, would do some quick sketching. I pre-planned colour combinations and pattern ideas so that when I had the opportunity, I could just sit and draw. These meditative repeats were what came naturally to me during that time, a little art therapy in the midst of the newborn bubble

gallery 164

From August until September, I had my work displayed in a local Leeds cafe and gallery. It was a great experience to consider a new space and how to organise my pieces into frames. I love to visit my work out in the wild!



Following on from my previous post, this is the number section of my 36 days of type challenge for 2019. 

I chose to create my numbers in a more abstract and patterned way than I had for my letters. This little series is probably one of my favourite things I have created in a long time... I actually wish I had used this method for all numbers and letters now... maybe for 2020...

The number series works in a colour sequence through the rainbow, with each number becoming slightly closer to its neighbouring colour. When positioned all together you can see the rainbow and psychedelic pattern effect really well, I think I was quite inspired by the '60s!